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Watch brands with a weblog

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Most watch brands are present on Facebook these days. While most brands hardly make the most of social media, some brands (or watchmakers) really use these new media to share more than just a press release.

Social media are becoming an important factor in communications. Not only in personal communications, but also businesses blend in and use these communication channels. When internet arose, most watch brands didn’t hurry to get an online appearance. Years later, when social media are booming, the same thing happens. Most watch brands do have a Facebook page by now. In 2008, Cartier was the watch brand with the most ‘fans’, almost 10,000. Today they have no less than 37,000 Facebook ‘fans’. The big question however is if they use this medium to really interact with their Facebook ‘fans’?

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Especially among independent watchmakers, Facebook has become a well used medium. Independents don’t have the media budget like the big brands, so it’s smart they found their way to alternative communication channels and inform watch aficionados about new watches and other interesting developments. Blogging another way of communication, maybe a more personal way of expressing yourself than what brands do on Facebook. Three brands, all independents, have a blog where they share more information than watch related info…

Max Busser of MB&F shares some remarkable things about environment friendly new developments, art and other things that stand out of the crowd and Max likes to share. Check out his personal notes he shares through theparrallel world section of the MB&F website. Personally I was amazed to see the photos of the Niagara Falls… frozen!

Ochs und Junior is a collaboration between Ludwig Oechslin, Beat Weinman, Paul Gerber and several more people who’s contribution to the Och und Junior watches is essential. The creation of smart, innovative and renewing watch-technologies is what they do and through the Ochsenblog they share how things are done. I especially enjoy the drawing of Sjoerd van Rooijen’s cartoons and Bea Weinman’s photos a lot.

Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde, the two men behind (of course) Linde Werdelin, share their ideas through The Lab. According to their own statement. The Lab is where creative thoughts flow. They say it’s an inspiring window to the Linde Werdelin universe where creative and thought-provoking ideas come and go and where some of these ideas turn into Linde Werdelin creations. Now that sounds good, doesn’t it? Check it out yourself 🙂

6 responses

  1. Very nice post. Something has changed in the last months: luxury brands follow the path of social networks ’cause they find sharing and get in contact it’s a better way to “leave” their image at highs like the goods they sell.
    Brands like Cartier or even more like Hublot (as I’m writing 173.673 fans) reached a so higher number of FB followers ’cause maybe the mass which is not so deeply interested in watches as connoisseurs prefers this kind of microblogging. A couple of words with a final question.
    Think brands should do both for reaching all the market share: socials and blog. But as you well know maintaining a blog it’s more expensive – in human resources – than the first option…

  2. Thanx Massimo. Good point about the high number of FB fans and the microblogging. It’s a ‘light’ version that somehow seems to suit the modern ways of communication very well and probably also let’s people show their friends what they are into. If these people are really interested in the horological side of the story might be something different. And if these people own a Cartier or Hublot or are potential buyers is probably another thing 😉

  3. Interesting read Frank.
    It amazes me how high Cartier scores and how low Rolex.
    I doubt if FB is the media to go for these two brands.
    Their webpage should be the place to find everything.
    Unfortunatrly the Cartier website is useless and too much bad use of flash.
    For independents Facebook is a great media since these companies have such a closer contact with their customers/fans.

  4. @Geo… I agree with you, the Cartier website is a drama to navigate and my Mac doesn’t like the flash website either.
    You’re right independents have close contacts with their customers/fans and FB is a perfect medium for this. Cartier (and most other big brands) have build a huge network of retailers through the years, who have the contacts with the customers.
    Personally I doubt this is still the best way to be in touch with their customers. For instance, if a problem arises internet as a medium provides much faster answer than most AD’s. I think it’s time for these brands to use the advantages of internet, in stead of using it as a digital catalog.

  5. I didn’t try for all the brands listed in the graph, however for Rolex f.i. I can’t find an official FB page; could you submit their FB URL?

  6. @Gerard… the Facebook fan numbers is are not numbers I collected (i’ve got another job) so i also just checked and cannot find an official Rolex FB page. There is however a Rolex FB page (as said, it does not look like an official one) with more than 90,000 fans.

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