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Weekly Watch Photo – Ochs und Junior Due Ore Tinta and Mese Tinta

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Beautiful watch photos come many different variations. This Weekly Watch Photo features the Ochs und Junior Due Ore Tinta, photographed by Bea Weinmann who does all photography for Ochs und Junior.

Due to a short vacation I missed one Weekly Watch Photo, but I hope this weeks photo will make up for that. It shows the newest idea from Ludwig Oechslin’s laboratorium of ideas. The dials of the Ochs und Junior Due Ore Tinta and Mese Tinta can be made in every possible pantone color, hence the name ‘Tinta’.

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Ochs und Junior just launched a pilot series of these ‘Tinta’ models and they are ready and available for immediate delivery. However… just one watch per colour is the pilot series! Even the straps can be colored, so this is customization to the max.

The Ochs und Junior Due Ore Tinta is an intuitive dual time zone watch. On the photo above the difference between the local time and the second timezone is 8 hours. Local time is roughly 1:50 (or 10 minutes before 2 o’clock), time in the second timezone is 9:50 (or 10 to 10).

The ochs und junior Tinta watches are of course also available in black or dark blue for a more discreet choice. Another offered option is to change your mind, start off with one colour, then later on change to something else.

The 42 mm titanium case and the clasp are machined by Formula One specialist Peter Cantieni. No finishing, just the pure machined product. This minimalism and purity is so typical for Ochs und Junior and for the MIH Watch that is also the work of Oechslin.

The other model is the Mese Tinta that indicates the time and date. Soon you can download PDFs from Ochs und Junior website of a watch you can print and than colour, cut out and try out on your wrist. For now a picture from the Ochsenblog can be printed (at 100%) for wrist-trial.

The watches can be seen ‘in the metal’ at Embassy in Lucerne, Switzerland (while stocks last) and have a price tag of CHF 6000.- (incl. 8% VAT) .

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  1. Indeed, these watches have to be experienced in the metal. Why don’t you sent an email to Beat Weinman from the Embassy? Maybe something can be arranged, a collectors dinner or a meeting…

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