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Since 2006, MONOCHROME has been dedicated to fine watches. Our team of passionate experts is always looking for an opportunity to explain every aspect of ‘Haute Horlogerie‘ – whether manufactured by well-known watch brands that have been in the business for centuries or by artisanal watchmakers. MONOCHROME is one of the most read watch blogs (or online watch magazines, as we prefer to call it ourselves) in the world, and besides news on the latest new watches, we also serve you reviews, historically relevant articles, our own videos and in-depth technical explanations in our Technical Perspectives.

Founded in 2006 as a small personal blog, MONOCHROME evolved into becoming the benchmark on the beauty of mechanical wristwatches.

What sets MONOCHROME apart, is that we love to explain, educate and share the passion for technically complex aspects and the beauty of hand-finished mechanical movements. Not everyone understands the nitty-gritty of a constant force mechanism, a tourbillon or a perpetual calendar, and many technical aspects remain ‘abracadabra’. That’s why we explain everything in a way that makes it easy to understand. It’s our passion and explaining the beauty and technical marvel of mechanical wristwatches is what makes our horological hearts beat faster.

With our team of experts, we hope to serve you with the most interesting stories and the most beautiful watches. Enjoy!

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