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The Stockinger Imperial Black

| By Johnny McElherron | 4 min read |

So, those couple of watches you had for years have in recent years strangely grown into something which more accurately merits the description of ‘collection’? Funny how that can happen over time isn’t it – guys? Yes, yes, of course, you are going to sell a few of the older ones, but just haven’t got around to it yet, maybe not quite able to select which one of your pride and joy to eject, and so that’s why they’re still there.

safe-old-antique-metal-cast-iron-1Well, now we have a small dilemma. The truth of the matter is that this personal collection when looked at as a whole, is actually considerably more valuable than even your closest companion would believe: yes – the art of concealment has been known, even in the most solid of marriages! So as the collection probably isn’t going to see any kind of a cull anytime soon, the new problem switches to what to do with them to keep them safe and out of harm’s way, and that means storage.

This age old need has traditionally been addressed by the trusty safe, but conjure up the image of a safe in your mind’s eye and it’s probable that it’s going to be that familiar thick-skinned black metal box with heavy walls, hinges and locking mechanism which appears before you. Thankfully however, a number of safe-making companies have recognized that collectors of very fine trinkets might well prefer a much more stylish alternative to a big black box whose sole purpose is to lock away valuables.

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One such company is based in Bavaria, Germany, and the safes manufactured at Stockinger really are produced with a similar approach as the watches which they contain, with as much emphasis spent on the finish as a luxury product as went into the security aspect of their works. That company, Stockinger, was established in 1978, and since its inception has been specializing in the manufacture of secure storage solutions, offering bespoke designs to its most discerning clients.


Among their stock models the Stockinger Imperial is a sleek and elegant proposal. Yes, of course it is obvious as to its purpose, but as mentioned above, it’s that attention to every last detail which makes it more than a safe. At almost 120 cm it is not exactly subtle, but its presence is actually exploited as a benefit and turned into a feature, as all of its exterior surfaces have been layered with so many applications of lacquer that its almost glowing sheen draws one inexorably to reach out and touch it. The large brass handle, which is available in chromed or gold plate finish is inspired by the clip of a cufflink and again, is as much aesthetic novelty as it is fundamentally practical to the operation of the safe.

But of course striking looks are all well and good, but those alone won’t deter a heartless crim and keep your precious possessions safe from falling into the wrong hands, and as you would expect, the Stockinger Imperial bristles with safe-making technology to create a state of the art lock-up for your lovelies.

The walls of the Stockinger Imperial are constructed from multi-wall plates of lightweight ultra-hard polymer, resulting in a construction which is up to six times harder than standard safe plating. Access to the interior is via a touch-pad numerical keyboard which slides out at the touch of the Stockinger logo high up on the safe’s front. A proprietary single electronically-controlled lock, the Stocktronic system, within the front door then releases the bolts which otherwise render the safe impenetrable.


Complying with the demanding standards set out by the EU insurance industry stipulations, additional security measures include a silent alarm, which sends a warning to the owner when an incorrect sequence of numbers have been entered, and best of all – and one which asks a question – if the safe is subjected to a forceful opening attempt, a glass plate within the front door panel shatters, jamming the locking mechanism and permanently sealing the safe.

The question? What then? Does permanent have another meaning I’m not familiar with? No worries, the good boffins at Stockinger have a special can opener for their Imperial safe.

The Stockinger Imperial safe comes to order in a choice of red, deep blue or black and interiors can be manufactured to feature six or twelve watch winders (with back-up power coming from an internal battery), or with individual cushioned receptacles for items of jewellery.


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