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Bespoke Safes by Stockinger

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
Stockinger Camouflage

When you collect watches, and have a few of them, or more, you will have to store them safely. After all, they’re worth something (or a lot) and you don’t want anyone ‘accidentally’ misplacing one of your timepieces. If you’re like me, keeping them stored in a vault in the bank, that means you’ll visit the bank frequently. But there are other options, that also look much better!

Where I live, the number of banks with a vault service is decreasing rapidly. Just a handful of bank have kept those old-fashioned safes and it’s hard to get yourself registered for a vault in the bank. Besides that, going to the bank to pick another watch for the day/week/weekend will cost me 1,5 hours, minimum. And that’s a lot of time! A small house safe would be a solution, to keep at least a few of the timepieces at hand, and rotate between those stored at home.

Stockinger Black Gold

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Now there’s a huge variety of safes, believe me, I went out to look for one. There are a lot of choices in size, design (most are simply UGLY), and safety ratings that mean nothing at first sight. So you could choose for that ‘budget’ safe, that is for sale at your local hardware store. It will not be the prettiest, but screwed to your garage wall that actually doesn’t matter. Until you find out that your neighbour’s 16 year old son can easily open it… with a toothpick!

Time for another plan, because that daily ride to the bank is simply not going to work. Say you want a nice vault, that looks good in your dressing room, bed room, living room or in your study. No sweat, the German bespoke safe manufacturer Stockinger do have some options for you. Earlier we showed you some of the large one-off’s that Stockinger made. Exotic designs, or actually anything you can imagine, they can do it.

Stockinger Wild West

OK, the chances are that your better half has ideas of her own, on what that safe should look like. Maybe no massive ‘chunk’ of gold or a Wild West themed vault. Well, Stockinger do have the solution for that as well and it’s called ‘Customization’. Like when looking for a new car and configuring it on the car brand’s website, Stockinger have a similar thing. On their website you’ll find a safe configurator that makes it possible to choose your desired size, number of build-in watch-winders, trays in all sorts and varieties and the desired leather lining inside.

Suppose you choose for the smallest safe, the Cube, that starts at € 38,000 Euro without the build-in watch-winders (or € 44,000 Euro with a six-watch winder). Choose the model, choose whether you like it on a base, how the door opens and than, you can choose a colour. Any RAL colour is possible, so you if you like it in fire-engine-red, that is possible.

Stockinger Cube safe red

Or maybe you prefer purple?

Stockinger Cube safe purple

No? You want one in the same gorgeous colour blue, as that Ferrari we spotted at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Good to know, that is possible as well!

Stockinger Cube safe blue

And this is just the beginning of what you can choose. One bit of healthy consumer advice though. Make sure that you know how many watches you want to store at home, and how they should be stored. Not every watch can be laid on a flat tray, due to its strap attachment and/or the presence of a deployant clasp. So do a bit of maths before you select the number and sort of trays and watch-winders. By the way, there are also trays for your wife’s jewellery.

Stockinger safe trays

Now have fun with the safe configurator ->

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