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Watch Winders by Stockinger

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Watch winders are very useful objects that every collector must own. Already helpful for a simple automatic watch, such a device is absolutely essential for an owner of several watches, especially complicated ones – e.g., those with annual or perpetual calendars that are not always easy to set. A various range of watch winders are available on the market, from the cheap Chinese ones to bespoke luxury ones. Nice watches deserve nice boxes. And Stockinger are very high-end.

Stockinger is already known for creating some very nice, customizable luxury safes, made to protect huge collections. That is, of course, a very desirable scenario; but what about the owner of only 2 to 6 watches? A watch winder would be very helpful to this class of collector. When you own several automatic watches (a watch winder will be useless for hand-wound timepieces) and switch between them pretty regularly, the main issue is to set them each time you want to wear them. Not a very handy situation, especially if you have a perpetual or an annual calendar (one requiring you to set the date, the day, the month, the year and the time; but it’s even useful for setting a simple watch with date.) With a watch winder, your beauties are always ready to ride.

Stockinger Watch Winder Cabinet 2v Gold metal brushed_2

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Granted, the range of products offered on the market is vast. You could look at cheap Chinese plastic winders… but who wants to store their Vacheron-Constantin or Patek Philippe in such a hideous place? And what about the reliability? Stockinger has created a SMART watch winder. We are already aware of SMARTphones, SMARTwatches and even now of SMARTstraps. These Stockinger watch winders can be fully programmed via a tablet or a smartphone, using a dedicated application and a database of more than 8.000 wristwatches. Of course, each winder can be independently set. It means that each of your watches will receive the perfect amount of energy, considering its own specifications.

Stockinger Watch-Winder-Cabinet-6v_black-brushed-metal-and-smoked-oak

As always with this manufacture, the quality is based on ‘German Made’ standard and it uses only the best materials, such as brushed metals and fine woods. And if you don’t find the right one in the actual range you need (discover more here, you can always ask for a bespoke one.

Stockinger Watch-Winder-Cabinets_detail-shot-winder_1

These watch winders are available in sizes made for 2 watches (for 2.400-Eur), for 6 watches (for 4.700-Eur) and for 10 watches (for 8.600-Eur). The winder cabinets are made in-house, by Stockinger in Germany, except for the cushion and motor that are supplied by BELUWO and made in Switzerland. They will fit watches up to 45mm. These winders are a very good option for those who seek an upscale way to keep their watches ready and on time. And if you want to see them in the flesh, take a trip to Masterpiece London fair (stand B21, from June 26th until July 2nd).

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