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Weekly Watch Photo – de Bethune Dream Watch Black

calendar | ic_dehaze_black_24px By Frank Geelen | ic_query_builder_black_24px 1 min read |

Some photos are beautiful, only a few are stunning and on an extremely rare opportunity you find a truly magnificent photo. The photo Guy Lucas de Peslouan made of the de Bethune Dream Watch Black is such a rare photo, magnificent!

De Bethune makes hand-made watches to the very highest standards and their finish is among the best available on the market. The design varies from classic with a modern touch to pure futuristic. Even the materials used are futuristic!

De Bethune has been using silicon in their escapements for many years now. The Dream Watch features a temperature-compensated silicon balance spring and a silicon-platinum balance wheel that was specially designed for the Dream Watch.

The watch looks photogenic because of its remarkable, characteristic and futuristic design but it’s a photographer’s nightmare. This is because of the many polished parts, including the dial, that give a LOT of reflection. Guy Lucas de Peslouan did an outstanding job on this magnificent watch. A dream photo of a Dream Watch.

Check out the other photos Guy made of several gorgeous de Bethune watches at his Facebook page.

More information about de Bethune can be found on their website.

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