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Weekly Watch Photo – Bremont ALT1-P

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Another week, another Weekly Watch Photo. This week a photo of a Bremont ALT1-P that I made myself.

Last summer I visited the only Bremont dealer on the European continent to see the Bremont collection. I think Bremont makes incredibly nice watches. At first glance the design might seem not incredibly special or different, but when you look again you see why Bremont is so incredibly nice. It’s all in the details.

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The lugs, the middle case and the fact they use extra hardened steel (2000 vickers which is 10 times as hard as normal 316L steel), are just some of the details that make the difference. This hardened steel makes Bremont watches extra scratch resistant, which is a big plus. Less scratches means less polishing during service 🙂

Here another photo of my favorite Bremont, the Supermarine 500 BK-GN (Black-Green). Isn’t this just the coolest dive watch?

More information about Bremont can be found at the international Bremont website or the Dutch Bremont website.

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