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Weekly Watch Photo: Tudor Black Bay Blue

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Tudor Black Bay with Midnight Blue bezel

Shortly before Baselworld started this year, we tried to predict what Tudor would be presenting at the world’s biggest watch show. Our prediction was not spot on, however the watches presented by Tudor (the Tudor Black Bay ref. 79220B and the Tudor Ranger ref. 79910) were even better than what we imagined. Especially the Black Bay with Midnight Blue bezel. That one was ‘talk of the town’ among the watch press for the entire week that Baselworld lasts. Photographer Vincent Lions also loved this watch and immediately ordered one, when he saw the first photos appear online. Lucky for us, because he made some splendid photos that we can share with you.

It was this photo, with the Tudor Black Bay in the water, that caught our attention and moreover, the drawing of how the entire set-up that was necessary to make this photo. I never knew how much work it actually is to make such a photo, and honestly, I always imagined this is often more photoshop work than old-fashioned photographic skills and labour.

Tudor Black Bay with Midnight Blue bezel

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Tudor Black Bay with Midnight Blue bezel

Study the image closely if you want to have a go at this kind of watch photography. As you can see the set-up needs quite some preparations. Finding a good size fish-tank, placing that on top of self-build scaffold that has an opening for the blue light that is placed underneath it. A blue paper, a white foam coare box (that serves as a reflector) and a softbox on the side of the aquarium. As photographer you must have a lot of experience with lighting, in order to make such a photo. I’m glad a professional photographer and watch enthusiast like Vincent takes the time to make such a photo.

The entire set of photos show the many beautiful details of the new blue bezel edition of the Black Bay. The big crown without crown guards, the Tudor rose on both the crown and the dial and the ‘snowflake’ second hand and hour hand. All details from historical Tudor watches. Davide Cerrato, Global Creative Director at Tudor told me that he didn’t want to make an exact copy of one of the historical models. They aimed to use the design cues of old Tudor watches from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s to create a new watch. That new watch should be able to stand on its own and not be “just” the modern interpretation of one specific historical piece. I think they succeeded very well, and that’s why I also bought one this Tudor Black Bay with Midnight Blue bezel. Later more about that, now I’ll leave you to enjoy more beautiful photos.

The person responsible for these beautiful photos is Vincent Lions, a French photographer, based in Toronto Canada. See more of his work here.

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  1. Just recently purchased the Black Bay Burgandy and the BB Pepsi GMT, can’t wait for the Black Bay GMT Opaline dial coming soon!

  2. I’ll stick with my 1967 Speedmaster Moon watch thank you!

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