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Pre-SIHH 2016 – MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 now in platinum with a blue dial (specs & price)

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Primarily to the edition we’re about to introduce to you, the MB&F Legacy Machine LM101, the “affordable” and “reasonable” proposition of Max Büsser and Friends, was available in a first series of typically MB&F editions, the red gold & white gold ones. Then, a year later, the creative brand came with something quite unexpected but on the other hand, extremely cool, with an antique finish that perfectly matches with the concept of the Legacy Machines: the LM101 Frost editions. The family is about to grow again, as for its first participation at the SIHH, the indy brand comes with a MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 now in platinum with a blue dial.

MBandF Legacy Machine LM101 Platinum Blue Dial - 5

When launched in 2014, with these two first editions, the MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 was the most affordable and most reasonable watch (at that time, before they came up with the 10th anniversary watch, the HMX) that the brand did create. The thing is, this watch answer to the need of a more accessible price level and mainly, a watch that is easier on the wrist. The previous Legacy Machines, LM1 and LM2 (now rejoined by the LM Perpetual) were quite large watches, with a 44mm case – and also complicated watches, as one featured 2 separated time-zones, the other a twin-balance-wheel and the third a quite special perpetual calendar. The MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 is smaller, as sized at 40mm… but still, the feeling that made these watches special is still here, the floating balance wheel is still here and the display is very much in the same vein. An “affordable” proposition that wasn’t that much of a discount, in terms of watchmaking.

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MBandF Legacy Machine LM101 Platinum Blue Dial - 3

The new MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 is based on the classical editions (not on the Frost ones). MB&F here uses the same recipe as with the LM1 and the LM2: first launched in red gold and white gold, with silver or dark grey dials, then a limited edition in platinum comes, always linked to this rather cool bright blue dial (this was used for both the LM1 and the LM2). And because the recipe seemed to be quite tasty, why not doing the same on the baby Legacy Machine, the LM101, that indeed now comes with a 950 platinum case and this same vivid blue dial.

Apart from this new combination of material and dial, the MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 ain’t change: same movement, produced in-house (a first at that time for MB&F), under the supervision of no less than Kari Voutilainen (consultant for the finishing). The dial still sports the large floating balance-wheel and the visible escapement, as well as the two white lacquered sub-dials – one for the time and one for the power reserve.

This new MB&F Legacy Machine LM101 in platinum isn’t a huge novelty but still, it really looks quite nice – and be sure that MB&F will certainly have more to show during the SIHH… Price: $72,000. Limited edition of 33 pieces.

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