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Hands on with the MB&F Legacy Machine 2

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
MB&F Legacy Machine 2

I’m visiting the MAD Gallery in Geneva – MB&F’s “concept store ” if you will – to get some hands-on time with their latest creation, the Legacy Machine 2. Of course we already told you about that watch (see here) and now we can show you some great photos and a video of Max Busser explaining all technicalities of the Legacy Machine 2 himself.

MB&F has brought us some amazing things in the past years: extravagant Horological Machines in rectangle shapes, double-round shapes, with huge domed crystals and with jet engine shaped tubes. When they introduced the Legacy Machine 1, back 2011, again they managed to take everyone by surprise. Nobody would have expected to see so much classical watchmaking elements in an MB&F, but it worked and it was as if things fell into place. Now with the Legacy Machine 2 they take the next logical step and pay homage to the greatest watchmakers from the past and our present time. We let Max Busser explain this to you himself.

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The video was recorded by The Watches TV (visit their website here) and they were so kind to let us show it to you. If you’re ever in Geneva or in the area, do visit the MAD Gallery, if not only to see the marvelous mechanical creations made by artists from around the world, than at least to see the stunning MB&F Horological and Legacy Machines! The MB&F creations have at least as much to do with art as with watchmaking and are probably the best fusion between these two artisan trades.

I won’t bore you with all kind of technical details again – you can read them in the article (click here) when we brought you the news first – and simply tell that this watch is absolutely brilliant on the wrist. But also dangerous! Whenever driving your car with the LE2 on your wrist, please DO NOT check the time! You might forget to look back at the road… Now on to the photos of the rose gold and platinum versions of the Legacy Machine 2. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The white gold and red gold version will be available $156,000 USD and the platinum LM2 will come at a price of $190,000 USD.  You should know that the platinum version is limited to 18 pieces and the first pieces are already sold.

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