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News, a New Educational Website Dedicated to Heuer’s Sleeping Beauty: the Camaro

Forget about the mainstream Carreras, Autavias and Monacos... The Camaro is the new thing!

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

When you think about Heuer watches, everybody has in mind the Jack Heuer era, meaning the Carrera (in all its executions), the Autavia and, 50th anniversary obliges, the Monaco. Yet, there are many other watches, mostly chronographs, produced under the Heuer name that deserve some attention. One of them, a true sleeping beauty, a “Heuer which has often been overlooked but one that has become increasingly associated with the true heritage and pedigree of the world-admired watch brand” (quote from the website’s author) is the Camaro. And launching today, a new website – – will tell you all about this great watch.

The golden era of Heuer, as most collectors agree, is when Jack Heuer joined the company in the early 1960s. Under his direction, some of the greatest watches produced by the brand were born – watches that are still the foundation pillars and success stories of the modern version of this brand, TAG Heuer. Think about the 1962 Autavia, a sporty watch with aviation and motorsport credentials. Or the 1963 Carrera, a rather classic and elegant round watch dedicated to cars. And, of course, the bold, almost extravagant, very avant-garde 1969 Monaco and its automatic Calibre 11 movement. Yet, there were other models besides this successful trinity…

Heuer Globetrotter Exhibition - Camaro (Miami centrepiece)

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One of Jack Heuer’s creations was the Camaro, an original and elegant piece with a distinctive cushion-shaped case: “The name ‘Camaro’ is in keeping with Heuer’s motor-sport theme of the period and having been drawn from the Chevrolet Camaro, was part of a strategy to increase sales within the American watch market.” Although it is still slightly overlooked by a wider audience, hardcore collectors are very aware of this watch’s appeal. As such, this watch is a true sleeping beauty.

A new website, entirely devoted to the Heuer Camaro, launches today. is meant to be an educational place, gathering all possible details about this watch, including its history, its features and an overview of all the different editions – references 7220 vs. 9220, the lesser-known 7743 or date editions like the reference 73443… Dials, counters, hands, cases and movements are all explained in this new website.

This new website is the work of Steve P. and he mentions that it “has been produced from much research based on scrutiny of countless examples, recording and compiling information to enable an in-depth look at the Heuer Camaro. The aim is to provide an overview of the range as a whole as well as the individual models and to offer a reference guide for all enthusiasts out there“. Also, Steve makes sure that you can participate in the website, by gathering serial numbers. He says that “the intention is that is a work in progress which will continue to be updated, increased and amended as new information comes to light“.

If you want to discover more about the beautiful Heuer Camaro, make sure to visit

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