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TAG Heuer Monaco 55

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

TAG Heuer and the Porsche Club of America launch the Monaco 55, a very limited collector’s edition.

Last month i wrote about my first ‘love’ in watches, my Heuer Autavia. However the first mechanical watch i ever seriously took a looked at, was a TAG Heuer Monaco, which is still one of my favorites. When i heard TAG Heuer released a (very) limited edition Monaco to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Porsche Club of America (PCA) i was surprised, because TAG Heuer does not makes a habit of such limited editions.The Monaco 55 shows some design elements we know from Monaco Vintage Limited Edition, TAG Heuer released in tribute to the Porsche-Gulf 917k race car in the movie Le Mans.

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It’s of course no secret anymore (ahum) that Steve McQueen wore a Heuer Monaco in the movie Le Mans. Steve McQueen’s friend Jo Siffert, a Swiss racecar driver and the first driver ever sponsored by a watch brand. This probably inspired Steve to insist on wearing Heuer’s Monaco in the film, which had just been launched.

Perhaps it was McQueen’s influence, or perhaps it was Porsche driver Siffert’s, but the Monaco seemed to become the preferred chronograph of the racing and fashion worlds in the 1970s. This watch, whose unique and uncompromising design helped achieve its almost legendary status, is one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world.

Porsche Club of America (PCA) and Georg Bartkowiak, member of the Porsche Club of Germany, decided to create a limited collector’s watch for the PCA. Georg Bartkowiak, who is CEO of high-end luxury watch brand GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM, has undertaken this project and with a very nice result!

Just take a look…

The official limited edition TAG Heuer Monaco manufactured for the Porsche Club of America can be ordered now. Although delivery will not take place until September, i think those interested should not wait too long… there are only 55 pieces!

Its special dial designed in red and black rally stripes and the racing number ’55’ as well as the PCA`s logo engraved on the back, underscore the uniqueness of this collector’s watch. This PCA limited edition TAG Heuer Monaco 55 has the usual Monaco features: an automatic chronograph movement in it’s recognizable square case, date and hands with applied superluminova so it’s legible in the dark. It comes on a special black leather strap with racing holes and red stitching that is not available at retail.

This TAG Heuer Monaco 55 is only available through the PCA in a limited edition of 55 pieces for the price of $5,500. I can’t imagine this watch to be found for less in the future. Personally i think the price for this collector’s piece will go up rather fast after it’s sold out… which will probably not take long!

The watch can be ordered online at

4 responses

  1. I also saw a review of this watch on Hodinkee last week, it is a really nice looking watch, but that is quite a mark up on price for some cosmetic alterations. That said, this is a very very small production run, and, as you say I think this would make a good investment… if you can get hold of one. I would imagine they are already back ordered by now, particularly if the Porsche Club promote the watch to their members.

  2. @Jez… the mark up on the price isn’t too steep, especially since it’s VERY limited. And indeed, with only 55 available i can imagine they are not far from being sold out… and than the price will go up. I really do like this Monaco 55.

  3. Great looking watch. I nearly bought a ‘standard’ Monaco in the US earlier this year. This one looks to have a quick change strap (it has quick release springbars). Any idea why? I assume it only somes with one strap.

  4. Hi Nick, it looks like quick release springbars indeed. I don’t have information saying it would come with more straps, however i wouldn’t be amazed if the Monaco 55 was sold out already 😉

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