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Weekly Watch Photo: Heuer Camaro + Monochrome Rally Strap + Ferrari 599 GTB

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Watches and sports cars are two universes that match perfectly. Heuer and Ferrari: two iconic brands that dreams are made of. For this Weekly Watch Photo, we put a gorgeous vintage Heuer Camaro on our own exclusive Monochrome Rally Strap, and strapped it on our wrist. And with the help of one of Monochrome’s friends, we drove a stunning red Italian car, a Ferrari 599 GTB. Great times call for great photo reporting. 

Heuer Camaro Rally strap Monochrome - 8
Ready for a ride?

We at Monochrome-Watches love the vintage Heuers, especially the Autavia. For this article, we chose another one, a Camaro, one of the most stylish but strangely underrated racing chronographs of the brand. Launched in 1968, the Camaro, named after the famous Chevrolet, shares lots of similarities with the Carrera, in a slightly larger and cushion-shaped case. The dials and hands were very close to the Carrera, and so were the movements.

Heuer Camaro Rally strap Monochrome - 2

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Many editions were available: black or white dial – it even came with ‘panda’ dials, one of the most collectible nowadays; Bi-Compax or Tri-Compax display – meaning with or without a 12 hours sub-dial at 6; and a choice of 3 different movements – Valjoux 92, Valjoux 72 (same as the old Rolex Daytona) or Valjoux 7730. The main difference from the Carrera is the Camaro’s cushion-shaped case that shows off multiple finishes – polished sides, bevelled angles and sunray pattern on the top. And since the whole design reminds us of racing instruments, what could be better than a Rally Strap to fit the Camaro?

Heuer Camaro Rally strap Monochrome - 7
Gentlemen, start your engines!

Driving gloves donned, harnesses locked, key in the starter… You’re ready to push the ‘Start Engine’ button and to wake up the V12 engine with a stunning scream. The Heuer Camaro couldn’t be in a better place. That’s where it has to be used, where its functional tachymeter scale and great legibility can best be enjoyed. Its 37mm case may sound small compared to modern standards but the look on the wrist, the vintage feeling and the association between the rally strap, the driving gloves and the slightly tropical dial is perfect.

Heuer Camaro Rally strap Monochrome - 4

After a great ride, the Camaro has proved to be one of the best Heuers, one that deserves more attention; and even at its 45-year age, one that has to be used and worn. But every nice moment has to come to an end and, unfortunately, we had to give the Ferrari back to its lucky owner.

Heuer Camaro Rally strap Monochrome - 16

Thank you to our friend S. for the ride; and take a look at our webshop if you want to enjoy one of our straps.

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  1. I want that same band for the same watch(white dial). Is that band a 19/20 or a 20/20?

  2. Will you ever have the “rally strap” again? I have a Cauny chrono which uses the same case as the Heuer Camaro, and so would love to have one of those straps.

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