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Citizen Automatic Divers watch

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

My first automatic watch ever! Bought on Ebay, after a long search online, looking for a nice and sturdy dive watch that could accompany me on my next vacation. It had to be a watch that would not require any battery exchange, and therefore, another kind of “mechanism” to indicate time. And that’s when I started to read about, learn about, automatic movements… 

I had no idea of the various movements and the only “other” thing than a regular quartz movement that I heard of, was the Seiko Kinetic. That idea, to keep your watch running, not by a battery-driven mechanism, but by the movement of your wrist sounded just superb and I wanted to learn more about that. I did my research and spend evening after evening glued to my computer, in order to read everything I could find. However, it was back in 2000 or 2001 and the internet was “slightly” less crowded than today. There was information, however not as much as today. And the few bits and pieces of info that were any good were scattered all over the web.

Citizen Automatic Divers 200m

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I searched, mainly online, because information was available at my fingertips and I didn’t have to wait until the next issue of the watch magazines that I subscribed to, arrived. I became a member of the various forums and started to participate, first as a so-called lurker (quietly reading everything, but feeling not knowledgeable enough to ask a question, let alone post something) and later I became more active.

The research into mechanical watches felt like an adventure. It had all the steampunk of yesteryear, while we were just at the forefront of the digital revolution with the internet becoming ever more popular and important. I had never owned an automatic watch and was not really aware of how it works or how robust it was going to be. The requirements, besides the obvious dive watch design with that rotatable bezel, where obvious:

  • never replacing a battery
  • it had to be waterproof
  • it should be able to take a beating

Citizen Automatic Divers Watch 200m

Of all automatic dive watches that I found online, I liked the Rolex Sea-Dweller the best. Also similar watches like the Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster and several TAG Heuer dive watches really did it for me. But these were all far out of my (financial) league. When I bumped into the Citizen diver’s automatic I immediately knew this would make the perfect holiday watch for me and be the first experience with an automatic watch as well.

Strapped to my wrist with a NATO strap, it accompanied me to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and many more places. It has seen some of the most beautiful places on this planet, above and underneath sea level.

updated 19-01-2020

19 responses

  1. Well, TAG Heuer also makes beautiful and good watches… but this Citizen served me well during my last vacation while diving in the Red Sea 🙂

    When not in the water, my IWC Pilot Chronograph was on my wrist. This one proved to be an excellent choice for vacations. The readebility is superior to any other watch i own and the superluminova makes it easy to read the time during the nightly hours.

  2. hello,
    can you please write the exact name or code of that citizen?
    because that diver looks like a perfect choice to me.

  3. That seems exactly like my late father’s . It should be the CITIZEN NY0040 Promaster. Hell of a watch. keeps excellent time. I keep it in a watch winder.

  4. Forgot to mention. I think these are not in production anymore, but I’ve seen them brand new from a number of sources. Still around for around 150 euro

  5. Overall, this watch is a very impressive watch for those who prefers a more masculine look to any timepiece. I will defiantly recommend this watch.

  6. My First diver watch…Citizen NY0040 with white/pale yellow face dial and Miyota 8203 automatic. Perfect, in terms of quality and price sth like Seiko SKX007/9 (but with handwounding unlike Seiko 7s26). I bought it over Seiko simply because it is not that Popular as iconic SKX but it can compete with it in anyway!

  7. Hi, I was wondering where you bought the Nato? Because it seems to be two colour blue, but i can only find black on light blue. Looking forward to your reply!

  8. Hi Nick, it’s not blue! It looks blue because it’s a bad photo (very bad lighting conditions). This is a grey/black striped nato strap.

  9. Today I passed by a Citizen AD and discovered a new pilot watch using the Cal.F150 so I googled MW to see what the buzz was on this watch. I forgot that this site does not feature non-mechanical watches. I strongly suggest you take a look at this solar-powered, quartz, GPS mvt and its equivalents from Seiko and Casio. As far as I am aware, there is no Swiss equivalent. I believe that watchmakers from 70 years ago would have sold their own mothers for this technology.

  10. I know this is ressurecting the dead, but how missaligend is that chaptering!!!?

  11. You’re absolutely right, Billy! This happened when they tried to install a new crystal almost 20 years ago, while backpacking in Vietnam… I kept it as a war-wound trophy.

  12. Hi Frank and others, is this watch still sold as new or is it a case of finding a decent second user item? Thanks.

  13. Soy de muñeca ancha y tengo el Ecozilla de Citizen. La Bomba madre!


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