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My traveling companions

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

I’m just back – in one piece – from a three week trip to Jordan and the Egyptian Sinaï desert, and here are some photos that I made during my trip. We planned a trip to Jordan and were considering to visit Syria and/or Egypt depending on the available time and travel possibilities. From the Jordan southern coast it was a short boat trip to Nuweiba in Egypt and the reefs in that area are just great, so time for some diving.

On this trip I had two watches with me: the IWC Pilot Watch Chronograph (ref. 3717) that I also had on my wrist a few weeks earlier, when I visited New York. The other one was my all time favorite vacation watch, the Citizen Automatic Diver. I’m gonna spare you all the travel stories, since the pictures will tell the story for me. I have to add that the historical city of Petra is very, very impressive and well worth a visit. Another thing you may not miss is taking a plunge into the Dead Sea. That’s a funny experience!

The scenery in Jordan is most impressive and when traveling through the country you will see spectacular mountains, valley’s, rocks and other natural beauty. The historical city of Petra, which is carved into the rocks, is simply mind-boggling and a must see for travelers. It is rightfully one of the seven wonders of the world.

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After we had enough of 35+ degrees Celcius, warm dry air in your lungs all the time, and looking at sand, rock and more sand, we decided it was time to take a plunge in the Red Sea. So we drive to the Jordan town of Aqaba, to find that all decent hotels were fully booked! Time for plan B, and that meant we took the fast ferry to Nuweiba, a small village in the Egyptian Sinai desert. There’s not much going on in Nuweiba, at least on land. The thing we really came for was below sea level, as there are some brilliant dive spots in the area.

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