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Best Watches of 2011

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

AskMen asked me to write about the Best Watches of 2011. Something I did with pleasure of course! Check out my article at AskMen to see the entire top 10. Here at Monochrome I want to share the photos I made of the number 1 Best Watch of 2011. 

And the winner is… the MB&F Legacy Machine 1. Hands-down, no doubt about it, the most beautiful watch of 2011 and I think one that will remain high on every watch aficionado’s wish list for a long, long time. This time no story, because we already wrote about the Legacy Machine 1 when it was launched and we shared our Swiss contributor Ian’s hands-on experience shortly after. Some photos to enjoy…

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Legacy Machine’s beating heart in full sight, floating above the dial. The anchor wheel can be seen as well; together with the anchor it’s slowly releasing the 45 hours of power that is stored in the main spring when fully wound.

Although it was hard to take away the attention of the dial, the see-through case back shows something that will be a reward for watch aficionados. Jean-Francois Mojon created the movement and nobody less than Kari Voutilainen was responsable for determining the level and style of finish.

The white gold version as spectacular as the red gold version and personally I prefer this one, simply because ‘white metals’ are more appealing to me. At the lower end of the dial, the vertical power reserve indicator can be seen. Together with the balance wheel raising above the two dials and protected by a perfectly domed sapphire crystal. Apparently a menace to to produce, but a sheer pleasure to look at because it doesn’t distort the view in any way. Most of the time it looks like there is no crystal at all.

The two crowns on both sides are to adjust the two different time zones. While the front of the Legacy Machine 1 is a technical feast for the eye, the two dials balance this with a classic lacquered finish and a golden rim.

One last view…

Read my article Best Watch of 2011 at AskMen. And please note that the watches are listed in no specific order, except for number 1, the MB&F Legacy Machine 1.

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