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And now for something completely different for the wrist – Cartier Nail Bracelet

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

You don’t need a watch. At least not for just telling the time. That’s what I hear from time to time and I’m the first to admit that’s entirely true. For me a watch is a piece of jewelry or a fashion statement. 

Maybe you didn’t see this coming, at least not from me, as I’ve been passionately writing about the beauty of mechanical wrist watches for more then 6 years now. And today I’m writing about something else for the wrist. Like Monty Python said: ‘And now for something completely different’.

Since I’ve been sharing beautiful photos as Weekly Watch Photo, I noticed more and more people wear a bracelet or beads around the wrist, besides their beloved wrist watch. It’s a nice way to add something extra. A bit of style, a fashion statement. Because I haven’t ever seen anyone else then Nicolas Hayek (former CEO of the Swatch Group, savior of the Swiss watch industry, the man behind the Swatch watches that got all of us interested in watches in the first place and also the man who shocked his competition by saying they wouldn’t get any ETA movements anymore) wearing more then one watch on the wrist, so adding bracelets might just be a great idea.

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Why? Well… because it looks great. At least a lot better then the 7 or 8 watches on Hayek Sr.’s wrist. Soon you can expect more ‘fashion news’ from Monochrome. It might just be a pleasant variety from the usual lyrical paean on the beauty of hand-beveled bridges and tourbillon cages.

While you of course immediately started looking for an appropriate bracelet, I thought I might help a little. Cartier recently released a re-issue from their famous ‘Juste Un Clou’ or ‘Just a Nail’ bracelet, that was initially designed in 1971. Besides the fact that 1971 is just an excellent year (my year of birth), the Nail bracelet is and especially was in that time an almost shocking design for a bracelet.

Cartier has always been a classic and chic jewelry brand. Classic, elegant design. Until 1970 when Cartier released the LOVE bracelet, designed by Aldo Cipullo. The LOVE bracelet and matching ring have been a magnificent success for Cartier, but at the time it was a gamble, a risk. And a year later they take an even bigger risk, by introducing a bracelet and ring that look like a bend nail.

Above is the thick version in pink gold and a nail ring in pink gold as well. Below is the thinner version in white gold with matching ring.

It were these photos in particular that convinced me to write about the new Juste un Clou bracelet. It looks great with grunge cloths as well as with jeans and a shirt, like below. The thin version in yellow gold and white gold together.

And if you thought the Juste un Clou is to masculine for a lady, then have a look at these photos. The Cartier Juste un Clou or Just a Nail collection comprises of rings and bracelet in yellow, white and pink gold. Just as they are or set with stones. Prices vary from $ 2,175 to a whopping $ 34,650 USD.

More information can be found on the Cartier website.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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