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Cartier Mono-poussoirs

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Tonight i read an article about two Cartier Mono-poussoirs and Cartier’s rich horological history…. An absolute must-read for watch aficionados!

The last few years Cartier surprised me with the new collection. The ending of the Collection Privee Cartier Paris was kind of a shock. However the size of Cartier’s top-end complicated watches was a bigger shock. I’ve always looked at Cartier as a brand with small to medium sized watches, especially in the high-end collection.

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Cartier’s top-end complicated watches feature very interesting calibers and complications and the design is (like always) top notch. What bothered me the last few years is that Cartier released several oversized highly complicated watches. Personally i don’t have a problem with oversized watches, however i think the size should suit a watch’s design and function. A 45 mm large tourbillon is something that i just don’t like. When Cartier, the brand with the imago of very moderate sized watches, released oversized complicated watches you might understand my feelings.

After reading the article about the Cartier Tank Mono-poussoir and Tortue Mono-poussoir chronographs i was pleased to see again why i admired this brand so much. The article is written by Cartier connaisseur Geo who also has a magnificent website about Cartier’s mechanical men’s watches. His website, Troisanneaux, is the most complete source for Collection Privee Cartier Paris.

Here you can find the article Cartier and it’s Mono Poussoirs. Photos are from Geo.

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  1. Making watches much larger is easier and cheaper for the manufacturer. Miniaturizing movements is difficult as well as expensive. It’s a huge scam pulled off by watch manufacturers. First through advertising they let it be known that small, thin watches are not masculine. A real man must wear a big honker of a watch. It worked. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a small watch. Many women now wear huge watches. Taste and style sadly went out of style.

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