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Weekly Watch Photo – Cartier Rotonde Jour et Nuit

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

This photo represents what I like so much about watch and photography. The Weekly Watch Photo shows a Cartier Rotonde Jour et Nuit and is made by GEO.

GEO is probably the biggest Cartier connaisseur and he shares his passion for Cartier watches through his own website and since a few months as moderator of the Cartier forum at Revolution Online and even once on Monochrome. He wrote a lot about the Cartier Collection Privee Cartier Paris watches, also known as CPCP watches. The Rotonde Jour et Nuit is part of the CPCP and in my opinion one of the most beautiful examples of this collection.

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This series only features watches made in precious metals (gold and platinum) and all feature an elegant and sophisticated manual winding movement. Cartier used the CPCP collection for their finest and most exclusive timepieces untill they ended this collection not so long ago. Now they are the most sought after and celebrated series of Cartier watches the world over.

The Rotonde Jour et Nuit is 42mm in diameter and was available in pink gold and white gold. It features a retrograde minute hand and in the upper part of the dial a rotating disk indicates the hours and whether it’s day or night (hence the watch’s name). During day time one part of the rotating disk, showing a sun with beams (see photo below) indicates the hours, during night time the other part of the rotating disk, showing stars (see photo above) indicates the hours.

GEO posted this gorgeous watch in a beautiful photo essay about Cartier’s historic and contemporary design. Cartier manages to re-uses old designs in a fresh but very consistent way. A post well worth watching!

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  1. August 17, 2011 at 7:02 amHi,I mylsef like fossil,it’s a heavier made watch and can take a pretty good pounding. On top of that they have some really awesome styles,every time I go and look at my local dillards or jewlery store I end up buying one,I own 10 of them. They run from about 60 to 110 dollars and if he has a (FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM HINT HINT) they will have those also.

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