Bremont Wright Flyer - 7

Bremont Wright Flyer – A Story of bad communication about an ‘in-house’ movement – UPDATE: FORMAL STATEMENT

“Learn from your mistakes” – and from those made by your competitors - should have been in Bremont’s handbook. However it wasn’t. Remerber in 2009, TAG Heuer’s Calibre 1887 created huge discussions after its release. What TAG Heuer claimed to be an in-house movement was in fact based on a Seiko ebauche, that was modified by TAG Heuer. No big deal in terms of product or quality (lots of brands use externally sourced movements) but a massive loss of credibility and bad communication. You thought the lesson was imprinted in every brand’s mind. Wrong! Bremont made the same mistake with its new Wright Flyer Limited Edition.

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