MB&F HM5 CM CarbonMacrolon - 7

MB&F HM5 CM CarbonMacrolon – The 1970s inspired Horological Machine is back in black (specs and price)

The Lamborghini Muira MB&F Horological Machine 5 or HM5 is back on the road. If you’re not too young or if you’re fond of an era that could seem very strange to teenagers (yes, we’re talking about the 1970s) the shape of the HM5 should be familiar to you. Apart from the steampunk-inspired Legacy Machine 101 recently revealed, the HM5 is based on one of Max Busser’s favorite theme, the futuristic-looking icons of the 1970’s. And the MB&F HM5 is now available in black. But don’t be wrong, it’s not just another PVD coated edition but a brand new and innovative material.

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