A chance to buy a true Astronaut Watch: a radial dial Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch made for NASA

The Auction Hammer: Bonhams to auction Reinhard Furrer’s Omega Speedmaster Professional NASA 145.022 (live photos)

The Omega Speedmaster is getting more and more under the scope of collectors. For a few years now, some of the rare editions have been able to reach 40,000Eur or more. This is all due to a long and rich history, to a continuous production since 1957 and to the Space and Moon exploration. At Monochrome-Watches, the ‘Speedy‘ has always been one of our favorites, as we’ve been the very first to reveal you about the watches worn by Aldrin and Armstrong during Apollo 11 Mission. Don’t expect to see such watches on auction soon – that would be an unaffordable dream. Bonhams however will soon auction another true astronaut watch, the Reinhard Furrer Omega Speedmaster Professional, one of the very few to come with a radial dial. 

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