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Tudor Baselworld 2018 – Predictions for the Watches that Tudor could Launch in 2018

After Rolex, it's time to predict what sister-brand Tudor could unveil at Baselworld 2018.

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Tudor Baselworld 2018 - Tudor Predictions 2018 - Tudor Novelties 2018

Tudor has gained an incredible level of popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the coolest players in the watch game. This is the reason why we, at MONOCHROME, have placed this brand under our radar for quite some years already and, like we did with Rolex a few days ago, it’s time for us to be creative and to try and guess what Tudor might launch in the very near future. So, here are the possible Tudor Baselworld 2018 novelties – in other words, the Tudor watches we’d love to see at Baselworld 2018.

This is not the first time that we look into our crystal ball to see Tudor’s future. We have been doing it for a couple of years already – in 2014, in 2015, in 2016 and last year, in 2017. Some of our predictions became reality, just like the blue Pelagos or the Black Bay Black dial, some never came to life. Yet, this won’t stop our creativity and this is why we have come up with some more predictions for Tudor Baselworld 2018 novelties.

Tudor Baselworld 2018 – Tudor Black Bay Chrono Diver’s Bezel

Last year, Tudor stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it presented the Black Bay Chrono. First, the watch came with a new movement, the result of a mechanical alliance between Tudor and Breitling – something we applauded and explained in detail here. The BB Chrono features an evolution of the B01 movement, with an integrated chronograph with a column-wheel and a vertical clutch. A very respectable movement with an interesting price. The second debate was about the mix between Black Bay’s diving elements (hands, water-resistance, case) and its chronograph functions with a fixed tachymeter bezel. However, understand that what starts as a stand-alone model at Tudor usually transforms into a full collection. This is why we have imagined a new version of the Black Bay Chrono.

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Tudor Black Bay Chrono Diver Bezel - Tudor Baselworld 2018

As a complement to the current model with its fixed tachymeter bezel, we imagine Tudor deploying an entire collection built around this chronograph calibre. Our second instalment in the BB Chrono collection goes back to the roots of the model and features a uni-directional diving bezel.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Diver Bezel - Tudor Baselworld 2018

Just like the standard three-hand version, this evolution of the Black Bay Chrono with diver’s bezel could be launched in multiple variants: black or blue bezel, leather strap or riveted steel bracelet. For the moment, we  have chosen to imagine this Tudor Baselworld 2018 Black Bay Chrono with an aluminium insert in blue or black, providing more contrast and “less steel”. However, a burgundy version, as well as a steel bezel edition (both already seen on the three-hand Black Bay), could complement the collection nicely.

For the rest, no evolution in terms of movement or dial. The roots of the collection are well-established and need no major evolution.

Tudor Baselworld 2018 – Tudor Pelagos Black Ceramic

We know that Tudor loves all-black watches. It has quite a few in the collection, including the Black Bay Dark or the Fast Rider Black Shield. We imagine a dark version of the Pelagos to be introduced at Baselworld 2018. However, the Pelagos is an instrument watch, made with resistance and functionality in mind, thus a PVD coating wouldn’t be fully appropriate. This is why our vision of a dark Pelagos is slightly different.

Tudor Pelagos Black Ceramic - Tudor Baselworld 2018

To guarantee the same water-resistance, the same protection against shocks and scratches and the same lightness (remember that the Pelagos is water-resistant to depths of 500m and is made of titanium), we have imagined a Tudor Baselworld 2018 Pelagos in Black Ceramic. While the bezel insert already used this material, we imagine the case, the bezel and the crown being made out of ceramic – still fully brushed to keep the instrument look intact. This is not the first time that Tudor introduces a ceramic watch. We know that it has the necessary experience with this material.

Like the titanium edition, the Tudor Pelagos Black Ceramic could be delivered on a matching bracelet, as well as with a rubber strap. The rest of the watch is the same as the titanium version, including the dial and the in-house movement.

Tudor Baselworld 2018 – Tudor Pelagos GMT

Last but not least, we still believe in the materialisation of a watch that we predicted back in 2017: the Tudor Pelagos GMT. In our opinion, Tudor’s collection is now quite complete, with dive watches, vintage-inspired pieces, modern tool watches, chronographs, modern pieces and classic options. However, one complication, which would clearly make sense in Tudor’s context, is missing: a dual-time or GMT watch – a highly practical function that would perfectly fit in the collection.Tudor Pelagos GMT - Tudor Baselworld 2018

While we don’t believe that the GMT function would make sense in the Black Bay line (too vintage-oriented and too attached to the old Tudor Submariner), the modern look of the Pelagos would fit perfectly with this useful display for globetrotters.

Tudor Pelagos GMT - Tudor Baselworld 2018

In order to keep the attributes of the Pelagos intact – water-resistance of 500m and true diving capacities – we have integrated the GMT function in a way that doesn’t interfere with the diving scale on the bezel. Linked to the central GMT hand is a 24-hour scale printed on the inner flange. In such a way, the wearer can use this watch as a travelling companion when on land, without sacrificing its formidable diving functions with its 60-minute scale on the bezel.

We envisage this Tudor Baselworld 2018 Pelagos GMT in the two current colours, meaning black and blue. For the rest, no major evolution – Still a 42mm titanium case, still the same in-house base movement. We have predicted this watch in the past, but this is one that we truly want to see in the collection.

Note: this article is based on our own Photoshop mockups, nothing has been provided officially from Tudor. These are predictions, based on our imagination and expectations. All images are under license of MONOCHROME and should not be used without agreement or copyright (©Monochrome-Watches, 2018).

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16 responses

  1. Great mock-ups!

    Personally I’d love to see the North Flag expanded to include a Chrono or GMT. I know this watch hasn’t had the love that the BBs have had, but the current three hander is a great canvas on which these complications could be applied.

    For example, imagine a 2 subregister chrono (same as BB) but with the same disc approach as the power reserve uses. Scrap the tachymeter (not many arctic explorers time their huskies over a mile) and keep it to 40mm, and it’d look really clean and modern.

  2. The chronograph line seems really plausible, good call. I’d love for them to release a heritage dress watch, especially since the Style and Glamour are boring and poorly named – Tudor Heritage “Big Rose” would be amazing.

  3. Great suggestions @Mike and @Steve Loader
    I’m just wearing the North Flag for a review and seeing this one getting a GMT or chrono would be welcome!

  4. just for doing the homework right: on the dial I would insist on showing only Pelagos followed by 500m 1640ft and that is it…. all the rest on the back.

  5. Great article and predictions. If that Pelagos Black Ceramic becomes reality, i’d be all over it like a pit bull on a poodle!

  6. I would love a big block heritage piece. It would be have an affordable Daytona option.

  7. If I were Rolex, I’d let you design and bring these models out. They look great!

  8. I like the predictions but am in total disagreement with your view on a GMT BB. I think the GMT fits that line better than the Pelagos. In my small circle we have been discussing that same option for some time and totally think it fits. I’ve been holding off purchasing a new B.B. for that very reason. Maybe this year-we’ll see soon.

  9. I would like to see a tudor black bay blue, with a blue dial, or change the Pelagos blue to be more of a navy / darker blue.

  10. I would like to see a GMT but in a totally new line and leave the BB and Pelagos as is. Afterall it was strange in my view to see the BB with a Chro feature last year and think the Tudor line should be more defined to what complication goes on what. They should keep in mind the heritage of each. How about a World Timer….now that would be interesting!

  11. I was so unsure about the BB chrono, when it first came out. It ticked a hell of a lot of boxes for me. And having been up close and personal with the piece, there was something odd about it. All the hallmarks of a diver chrono, but a Telemetric bezel?? If Tudor make this, I will have more love for it. Dare I say, buy one!

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