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TUDOR BASELWORLD 2017 – Predictions For The Novelties That Tudor Could Launch In 2017

| By Brice Goulard | 6 min read |
Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017 - Tudor New Watches 2017

It has become a recurring game for us here, at Monochrome-Watches. In the same way we just shared with you our predictions for sister-brand Rolex, we’ll show what we expect to see from Tudor at Baselworld 2017. Just like previous years (see here and here), this article is pure imagination-based and is nothing official. Yet, the watches we’ll show you don’t come out of the blue and are well-thought propositions. After a year 2016 mainly based on the Heritage Black Bay (Black Bay Bronze, Black Bay 36, Black Bay Dark, Black Bay Manufacture), we think it’s time for Tudor to move in other directions, to look at other collections and to explore new territories. Thus, as you’ll see, here is our dark and travel-oriented Tudor Baselworld 2017 collection.

Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017 - Tudor New Watches 2017

Explanation of our choices

What do we expect from Tudor at Baselworld 2017? Well, the “shield” has been playing hard on the vintage trend these past 7 years (starting with the Heritage Chrono in 2010), a trend that has reached its maximum last year with a collection almost entirely focused on best-seller Heritage Black Bay. Yet, as successful this watch is, it can’t be declined endlessly and the collection might have reached a mature status. 3 bezel colors for the standard steel version, many strap and bracelet options, a smaller 36mm size, a bronze version, a PVD edition, the arrival of an in-house movement last year… Except bringing new complications to this watch, it will be difficult to find visual-only evolutions (yet, we could always be surprised…) Thus, Tudor need to look at other territories, to bring novelties and to focus on other watches that are in the current collection. 

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This is why we imagined watches based on complications that the brand never did before. What could do Tudor, a brand mainly focus on purpose-oriented watches? What is actually missing in their collection? First of all, with their current strategy, there’s almost no chance that Tudor moves to complicated watches – and by that we mean calendars, astronomical displays, skeleton watches… – simply because, it is not where the brand stands. Then, looking at the current collection, there are already 4 chronographs (Heritage, Blackshield, Fastrider, GranTour), which is probably enough. Then, there are many 3-handers, sporty or dressy, and even an alarm watch. So what is missing? Watches with a second time-zone, whether GMT watches or Dual Time watches, thus timepieces made for travellers. This, to us, is an important category that Tudor should look at. This is why you’ll see two watches based on this concept.

Then, we could have imagine some vintage-oriented pieces. Yet, if you look at the watches Tudor produced during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, most of them have been used as inspiration for modern versions – all the chronographs, most of the Submariners, the Advisor, the Ranger… Expect if Tudor has some vintage watches we’re not aware of, the Heritage collection seems to be rather mature now.

Tudor Baselworld 2017 – Tudor Pelagos GMT

Tudor Pelagos GMT - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

For those who read us on a regular basis, this watch should be no stranger. Indeed, we already imagine a GMT Version of the Pelagos last year, yet it was imperfect. For the Tudor Baselworld 2017 collection, we bring back the concept in an improved way. Last year, our Tudor Pelagos GMT had a 24h bezel (somehow inspired by the Rolex GMT-Master II), which was an almost nonsense. Indeed, the Pelagos is a professional-oriented dive watch and the 60-minute scale on the bezel is a mandatory feature. We have adjusted our concept regarding last year’s comments.

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This possible 2017 Tudor Pelagos GMT relies on a 24h central hand and keeps the unidirectional diving bezel. The 24h scale is now printed on the inner flange, which combines blue and black to stay true to the colors of the model and yet, with very good legibility and functionality. Even with the added GMT function, this Pelagos GMT could easily remain a tool dive watch with 500m water resistance and helium escape valve. It would just be even more practical for frequent travelers and it would fill the lack of GMT watches in Tudor’s collection.

Tudor Baselworld 2017 – Tudor Pelagos LHD Dark

Tudor Pelagos LHD Dark - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

Launched late 2016, this one was again a great talking piece by Tudor, and a watch that collectors acclaimed. The Tudor Pelagos LHD (for Left Hand Drive, because of its crown on the left side of the case) brought back a tiny bit of vintage coolness in a usually rather cold and technical model, by adding red on the Pelagos logo and on the date, as well as some cream indexes and hands. Even the lefty crown is inspired by vintage military pieces. This numbered edition is already a hit in stores. This is why we are predicting a “Dark” version of this cool model.

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Thus, for the Tudor Baselworld 2017 collection we could see a Pelagos LHD Dark, still with titanium case but with black PVD coating (which is even better than on steel). To mark a difference with the nude version, we changed the color of the indexes and hands, bringing them back to pure white (for a more monochromatic look), still with red accents on the logo and date, and with an additional Red Triangle on the bezel. Quite desirable, right?

Tudor Baselworld 2017 – Tudor North Flag Dual Time

Tudor North Flag Dual Time - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

When launched in 2015, the Tudor North Flag was both the first watch of Tudor to integrate their in-house movement but also a surprising piece, with a pioneer / adventure / exploration theme. With this in mind, it would make quite some sense to have with a second time-zone display. We know that Tudor have conceived their manufacture movement to be evolutive, as they showed on the North Flag already, which featured a power reserve indicator. The North Flag is the perfect watch to see a traveler’s evolution.

Tudor North Flag Dual Time - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

Yet, as we did the Pelagos with a central GMT hand, we had to bring something different. Indeed, there are many ways to display time-zones. Thus, here is our vision of a Tudor North Flag Dual Time, with 24h sub-dial at 9, right where you usually see a power reserve. Linked to that is a pusher at 10, in order to make quick corrections of main time – extremely practical when crossing time-zones. Could be a nice addition to the Tudor Baselworld 2017 collection.

Tudor Baselworld 2017 – Tudor Heritage Chrono Dark

Tudor Heritage Chrono Dark - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

To follow the same idea as the 2016 Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark (and our vision of a Pelagos LHD Dark), we imagined to apply that same full-black idea to a watch that has not seen evolutions for quite a while, the Heritage Chrono. Based on the black dial version, we removed the white second track to make it even darker and to emphasize even more on what makes this watch particular, the so-1970s orange accents.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Dark - Tudor Baselworld 2017 - Tudor Predictions 2017

For the rest, our Tudor Heritage Chrono Dark remains technically identical, with automatic chronograph movement (we don’t see Tudor coming with their own in-house chronograph yet, but who knows), two registers and the usual options: metallic bracelet (of course PVD-coated) and fabric strap.

Note: this article is based on photoshop mockups, nothing comes officially from Tudor. These are predictions, based on our imagination and expectations. All images are under license of Monochrome-Watches and should not be used without agreement or copyright (©Monochrome-Watches, 2017).

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  1. great thinking. I like the pelagos GMT, now if they could put that in the regular LHD, that would be a grail watch. The Tudor Heritage Chrono dark is just a great looking chrono. Maybe you should work in their design department. I hope these designs are trade marked.

  2. A steel Pelagos would be nice. I love the looks of that watch, but understand from reports that it picks up scratches very easily. And I wouldn’t mind it losing that helium escape valve, it’s just an unnecessary leak path, anyway. And a Black Bay with a date complication.

  3. This looks really nice,.! great job, like Richard mentioned, you should really work for the design department.!
    As Richard also mentioned,. GMT on the LHD that would be my GRAIL watch too, as a lefty i´m still waiting on my LHD, ordered 2 weeks ago..

  4. Tudor just filed the trademark “TUDOR LONG RANGE” in Switzerland… could be an indication that they are preparing a Ranger GMT ???

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