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Hands-on – Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm Ref. 79500, the Tudor watch for both her and him – Live pics & price

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

When you think Tudor watches, you immediately think cool timepieces, with a sporty look and a superb price/quality ratio (e.g. the Heritage Black Bay Black). You might also have in mind a certain size – which we believe to be the right one, with cases measuring, for most references, in-between 40mm and 42mm. On the other hand, Tudor showed that they could also grew, with a 43mm case on the Black Bay Bronze, probably not the expected diameter for some collectors (including us). Well, it seems that we have some good news for you, as here is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm Ref. 79500, the Tudor watch for both her and him, for smaller wrists, for vintage lovers, for formal desires…

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm is not only a matter of style, it’s mainly a matter of proportions. And because of this crucial point, we’ll show you this really interesting novelty in a way that isn’t our most usual: less technical, more user oriented, more lifestyle.

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This new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm isn’t just a reduction of the previous 41mm editions, which you know now in burgundy, blue and black (and which will be updated with a new in-house movement – we’ll get back on this point in a coming in-depth article). In fact, if the overall style and design are shared between the 36mm and 41mm editions, all the parts, all the elements composing this smaller version are different, some differing just from small details, others being completely new.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

A clever move from Tudor is that they never announce this watch to be a ladies version. Of course, at 36mm, this new Heritage Black Bay 79500 can easily be worn by women (and honestly, at Monochrome, we highly encourage them to do so) but it can – and it will – also be worn by men, with the intention of having something a bit more vintage-sized, a bit more formal in the look or just smaller. Something that has been forgotten for a few years: the comfort and the elegance of a truly well proportioned watch or simply the beauty of seeing the strap bending around your wrist (brands put more and more efforts in straps, Tudor included, so why not showing it more).

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

We’re not going to talk for women but as men, we can ensure you that this Black Bay is a refreshing feeling. The case not only is smaller but it also gets rid of an important feature of the other Black Bay: the rotating dive bezel – which isn’t a small detail at all, as it changes the entire look of the watch. Even if this 36mm edition still has a sufficient 150m water resistance, it is more intended to be a formal sports-watch than to be a proper tool. This combination of the case of the Black Bay (with polished bevels on the lugs and brushing on flat surfaces) and the flat polished bezel brings a more subtle approach. Nice on the wrist, nice for the eyes, less visible for the others – but connoisseurs will understand the beauty of this clean and smaller case.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

As we told you, this new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm is easily recognizable (same overall case, same design clues) as being part of the BB family but do consider that, in reality, nothing is similar. And this goes for the dial too. Of course the hands are still relying on the iconic and characteristic angular hands known to collectors as “snowflake” from models that appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. The indexes are also known: triangle at 12, batons at 3 – 6 – 9 and large dots for the rest but the dial is now flat and polished (while slightly domed and matte on the 41mm Black Bay). Result: a close recipe but completely different taste, a pitch black look, of course more reflections and a different reaction towards light, which will emphasizes the more formal appearance.

Few details to note (we can’t really change ourselves): the rail track for the minutes is similar to a normal Heritage Black Bay, inscriptions are silvery-white and close to the previous (non-manufacture) version, with a curved design. Latest evolution; the “Rose” logo (the historical logo of Tudor Watches) goes away and the “Shield” logo is back. The “Rose” remains however engraved on the oversized crown.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

Inside the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm, no in-house chronometer movement but the reliable and known calibre Tudor 2824 (with automatic winding and 38h of power reserve). This choice can also be justified by the “entry-level” positioning of the Black Bay 36 – even if Tudor proved us that the implementation of the manufacture movement had a very reasonable influence on the price of their watches (something rare enough to be noticed). Maybe the possible second generation of this 36mm edition will evolve to the in-house movement.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

With Tudor, straps / bracelets are a great part of the design and feel, and this is still the case with the Black Bay 36mm. Two options will be available: an elegant, slightly vintage and actually very cool distressed beige-coloured leather strap with steel folding clasp or a sportier, still superbly crafted and very comfortable, 3-link steel bracelet with full brushed surfaces. And as usual with the Heritage collection, an additional fabric strap with buckle will be included in the box – here with a camouflage strap, produced according to the traditional “Jacquard” technique (mastered by a century-old family business located in the St-Etienne region of France). This is not a printing but the pattern is the result of the weaving technique.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 ref 79500 - Baselworld 2016

What to think about this new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36mm Ref. 79500? Well, it makes no doubt that many women will be extremely enthusiastic about this smaller offer (and again, they should…). The most interesting factor remains how this small sports-watch became a magnet on men – including us – because of its perfect balance, its clean and more elegant look. Tudor might be moving in a more technical direction with their manufacture movement, they didn’t loose their coolness and their ability to be trendsetters. Well done again!

Price: 2,370 Euros on leather, 2,670 Euros on stainless steel bracelet. More on the dedicated page on

12 responses

  1. Funny how you keep mentioning women in this article, as though you’ve ever seen a woman wear a Tudor or any diver for that matter. Granted there are some Tudor women watches, but diver watches? Come on, do you really think women will buy this watch?
    Don’t be absurd.

  2. @Julian. Although this watch is in the Black Bay line, I would not call it a diver watch: it does not have a rotating bezel. It’s a just a 3-hand dress/sports watch, just like the old 36mm Rolex Explorer. So given its role, then yes, women can certainly wear it.

  3. The crown leaves a nasty mark on your wrist (dry skin and/or eczema). That is quite nasty and a complete turnoff, looks like this watch is totally uncomfortable to wear at least.

  4. @Honza… the mark on my wrist is not from the Black Bay 36mm (it’s from the full size BB that I was wearing in the days before Baselworld)

  5. Julian, I’m a 33 year old woman that bought this watch a month ago. Women, in my opinion, don’t think “oh that’s a mans watch” unless it’s over 38mm these days. For instance, I wear a 1977 Rolex datejust 36 mm, a man’s watch ( it was my fathers in fact) but I had the dial redone in a Rolex Stella color. If you know a bit about watches you know watches can be personalized to fit your personality. What I’ve done to my black bay heritage was swap out the white snowflake hands for turquoise snowflakes and boom, I have now started a fad in Minneapolis! My local jeweler called me to tell me they sold out of this watch. I think you just need to fine tune your thoughts about the future of women’s watch taste. True, no FEMININE woman will wear a fat old diver, but in my opinion if it doesn’t have a rotating bezel it’s NOT a diver!! To conclude, you’re just plain wrong in thinking women won’t like this watch! The strap, the dial, the reliability.. this watch is smokin hot! And watch out for us that think out side of the box because we can turn a “mans watch” that’s 38mm and under into a flamboyant valley girl watch now a days with some simple tweaks! And to the people at Monochrome, I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR KNOWING WHATS HOT AND WHATS NOT! You hit the nail on the head here and everywhere else!

  6. Most women never wear watches as they have no interest in them and I doubt if any could understand a divers watch .The celebs who wear them are paid they dont know anything about them .

  7. 36mm is a great option for the majority of men. It is ideal for men with small wrists. The point about seeing more of the bracelet is so true. The article is well written by a man who really should invest in some decent hand moisturizer lotion.

    As for women this is not a particularly feminine watch except in comparison to other watches which are larger. 36mm is not small in itself or in the absence of another watch beside it as reference. Regardless of one particular woman stating she customized a watch and changed the world most women have a multitude of other options which will and have already proven successful.

    This is an entry level size small (not extra small) basic watch that will appeal to watch enthusiasts that want to own a new modern take on classic style which has pedigree, mostly by association.

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