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Tudor 2015 Novelties – Tudor Baselworld 2015 – The Tudor new watches we hope to see

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Here at Monochrome-Watches, we have a special attraction for Tudor. We may love Rolex for its serious and highly qualitative creations, Tudor (Rolex’s sister company) created some interesting, affordable, very well finished and mainly, really cool watches recently – such as the Heritage Black Bay Blue, the Heritage Ranger or the Heritage Chrono. Thus, there was no reason for us not to try to predict what could be the Tudor 2015 new models, the watches that Tudor could introduce at Baselworld 2015. We did it for Rolex this year, we did it for Tudor last year, and we are doing it again now.

Last year, just like we did for Rolex and Omega, we tried to guess the watches that Tudor could introduce at the Basel watch fair. We imagined a Black Bay with a black bezel and dial and we also imagined a Pelagos with blue dial and bezel. Tudor came at Baselworld with the Heritage Black Bay equipped with a superb midnight blue bezel insert and a cleaner dial. We had the right colour, we had the right watch… but not together. The result was however a real success and the reactions were rapturous. For this new edition of Baselworld, we’re going to try to have our predictions right.

Tudor Heritage Ranger with California dial


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California dials are not the preserve of Panerai, as you can find some vintage Rolexes and Tudors with such military-inspired faces. California dials are strange, unusual but really cool with two different types of numerals – Romans on the top half and Arabic on the bottom half, with a triangular marker at 12 and batons at 3, 6 and 9. On Tudor watches, we usually saw them on red or yellow dials, with an inner minute track. However Tudor is doing now more refined and clean watches. So we took the recently introduced Heritage Ranger and imagine such a dial on it.

With its tool watch style – clear and legible black dial, large contrasting indexes, fully brushed steel case and military-inspired straps – the Tudor Heritage Ranger could be the perfect base to reintroduce such California dials. By only changing the indexes, it gives the Ranger a cooler and funkier look, without loosing its main purpose, being a pioneer, military tool made to be used in rough conditions. We truly want to see such a watch from Tudor for Baselworld 2015.


Tudor Pelagos with blue dial and bezel


If you’re a returning reader on Monochrome-Watches, this watch should not be totally unknown for you, as we already wanted to see the Tudor Pelagos with a blue dial in our 2014 predictions. We loved this watch so much that we decided to include this blue edition of the Pelagos again in our Tudor 2015 Novelties.


Why this stubbornness? Clearly, we LOVE the Pelagos with a blue dial. This proper tool watch, designed to be used as part of the equipment of a professional diver, comes only with a black dial. It looks good but it may be seen as a bit too shy and to close from the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller. No confusion anymore with a blue dial. The Tudor Pelagos could have its own identity and its own look, together with bringing back the design and colour of the old Tudor Submariner Marine Nationale. And it will perfectly match the titanium case. Maybe Tudor heard us last year and they could decide to create this Pelagos blue dial for Baselworld 2015. If so, we’ll be very glad.


As for our previous articles about Rolex (here and here), these are only our predictions for the Tudor 2015 Novelties. The brand could (will) certainly come with other watches that no one would be able to imagine. However, tell us you think about these novelties? You, as our readers and watch enthusiasts, certainly have an opinion that we would like to hear. Feel free to give us our thoughts by using the comment-box below.

5 responses

  1. I would love Tudor to come with their own GMT diver as well. Maybe based on the Pelagos or BB…

  2. Blue Pelagos w/ bracelet looks incredible and would be an immediate “buy” for me.

  3. take your blue pelagos…
    well done guys ,
    you’ ve nailed it !

  4. The new Pepsi GMT from Tudor is very cool! It takes the quintesential
    Aluminum insert GMT & puts it into a catagory w/ a much larger audience! I believe that every guy should have at least a few GMT’s
    It does my heart good to see the wonderful attention Tudor is now
    Recieving…great move!
    Mike Cotter

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