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Sarpaneva Moonshine – the moon just makes me crazy

| By Frank Geelen | 4 min read |

During Baselworld 2010 Sarpaneva showed a prototype that got massive positive response. After months of making it more perfect, Sarpaneva now releases the new Moonshine.

Short after Stepan Sarpaneva released the Korona K2 Kaamos, he has another new watch! Maybe you will remember Sarpaneva’s pre Basel competition, where he already showed the big moon. The new Sarpaneva Moonshine watch is a moon interpretation that’s more sculptural and bold than previous models, with a subtle yet clearly visible luminescent moon phase display and the unique Sarpaneva look that says ‘Not designed in Switzerland’.

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The Sarpaneva Moonshine will be available in stainless steel, 18-carat red or white gold and like shown in the photo above it’s also available with a DLC black case. With a diameter of 42 mm and 10.2 mm thick this watch wears very comfortable. Because the way the lugs are constructed, this watches actually wears smaller than what you would expect from a 42 mm size and personally I think this is great. Pure wrist comfort!

In the aperture below the big moon, the hour disk and moon phase disk are visible. The movement’s mainplate is modified to incorporate phases of the moon function. The stainless steel moon phase wheel with luminous section that represents the moon’s position, rotates in 29.5 days. The typical Sarpaneva signature for his moon phase watches, is the skelletonized rotor of the automatic movement, featuring two red or white gold masses and in the middle the hand-engraved moon face.

Here’s what Stepan Sarpaneva has to say about his newest creation:


The moon seems has many different meanings for many different people; enough to fill hundreds of tomes for the walls of libraries. Take a look at the Internet, start searching and you will you find everything about the moon you never even dreamed possible: Moon Tarot cards about the tortured soul and psychic disturbances, the moon’s correlation to the number 9, helping the seeker on the final stages of their journey, the moon as a philosophy of reflection, illusion, higher consciousness, harmony of purpose… Then there’s the astrological aspects, like how the moon phase at one’s birth shapes certain personal characteristics and the moon’s relation to the Zodiacal houses; whole lists of scientific aspects and data – for instance the way some plants, single celled creatures and many animals react to the moon’s phases… And after all this come the social aspects, like the moon holidays in the Far East, the moon based calendars that people still use in many cultures parallel to the regular calendar… The moon is something just endless in the complexity of its meaning.

Perhaps that is why the moon attracts us so much; it seems to be something that brings everyone together as well as being the astronomical object nearest the Earth that everyone can give a different meaning to, or attach a particular feeling to, without having to fight about their idea or judge who is right and who is wrong. Let’s face it, the moon was here long before we were, so it is only logical that it therefore has such an affect on nearly everybody and everything. What you can say is that Stepan’s moon is a Finnish moon, and not a happy smiley moon like some watches use… but that doesn’t make him badass. It is just that Finland is a tough place to survive in. When you live in darkness for about half the year and in continuous sunshine the other half, it has the tendency to bring out the extremes in you and his moon kind of represents that. It is a moon with a deep and serious countenance when the sun shines in his face, whilst we never know for sure if it might be partytime in the shadows…

The spirit of the Moon. Captured in gloomy woods during the darkest hours, in palest moonlight. Nurtured by noble artisans, distilled to perfection. A top note of northern melancholy, seasoned with lunacy. To be served only to the chosen few.

The price starts at 13,000 euro before taxes for the stainless steel version. In red gold the price will be 22,000 euro and in white gold 23,500 euro before taxes.

For more information check the Sarpaneva website or Facebook page.

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