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The MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date With Updated Colours (Live Pics & Price)

Black base dials add Petrol and Bordeaux colourways to exposed day-date discs for 2022

| By Erik Slaven | 5 min read |
MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Bordeaux and Petrol Dial 2022

MeisterSinger introduced the Pangaea Day Date back in 2013 with day and date discs that were fully exposed in the centre. Of course, a single hour hand was all that relayed the time in MeisterSinger style. The updated 2019 Pangaea Day Date received contrasting colours between the base dial and discs (and outermost track), which offered more visual separation and some additional character. That trend continues with two 2022 models that feature Petrol (a shade of cyan) and Bordeaux (a merlot red) discs against a black base, and the colours really pop without being garish. 


The Pangaea Day Date is among MeisterSinger’s most successful lines, winning the Red Dot, German Design and Good Design awards in its relatively short history. I’ve always been impressed at how the brand continues to make intriguing, sophisticated dials with the single-hand design. Models like the Perigraph Edition Planet Earth, Astroscope and Lunascope show that simple concepts can be anything but boring. Many models have conventional apertures to display the date or even a jumping hour, but some keep the discs and other elements completely open. Similar to the Pangaea Day Date aesthetic, the Adhaesio displays two time zones, while the Salthora Meta Transparent shows the jumping hour numerals (on a transparent disc) with the mechanism itself on full display underneath. You can always opt for a simple and traditional single-hand dial with models like the N°03 40mm, but even those can be dressed up a bit with City Editions. 

2019 Redesigned MeisterSinger Pangaea Day-Date
Above and below, the redesigned MeisterSinger Pangaea Day-Date, as presented in 2019

MeisterSinger was founded in Münster, Germany in 2001 by Manfred Brassler, who fully embraced the single-hand display that goes back to clock towers from the Middle Ages. Most dials have a single hand for hours, but a small portion uses a single minute hand instead with a jumping hour aperture. The “Peter Henlein” Edition is a very rare exception with two central hands (hours and seconds). There are other brands with single-hand models, but no other watchmaker has made such a commitment to this design. It really separates MeisterSinger in a very crowded field and provides a distinctive aesthetic that’s hard to mistake. Like Panerai or Chronoswiss, you’ll recognize a MeisterSinger from across the room. 

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MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Bordeaux and Petrol Dial 2022


The polished and brushed stainless steel case is familiar at 40mm in diameter and 10.5mm in height. It’s the same case used in prior Pangaea Day Date models and a perfect size for most wrists. I prefer this over the brand’s larger 43mm cases (and smaller 38mm as well). It’s an all-dial design with a minimal bezel, so it appears a bit larger than the diameter suggests. The fluted crown is oversized and basically an onion crown, so it’s easy to manipulate given the shape. Time and date settings are all controlled via the crown, and it’s a simple piece to set despite the rather technical aesthetic. There are twin sapphire crystals and a Sellita automatic is displayed through the exhibition case back (secured via six screws). It’s a solid Swiss movement, if not a bit pedestrian. Water resistance is rated at 50 meters, so light swimming is fine, but it’s probably best to keep these on land most of the time. Both models come with a black leather strap with a faux crocodile pattern, white stitching and steel pin buckle.  


The dial hasn’t changed since 2019, but the colour changes make a big difference. Both red and bluish-green colour palettes create an excellent separation against the black base dial without going over the top. The prior models were more muted with an almost monochromatic vibe, but the new dials bring a splash of colour that’s definitely trending these days. As with virtually all MeisterSinger dials, the Arabic numerals are printed in pairs, so single digits are shown as 01, 02, 03, etc. Coupled with the single hand and additional discs, the dial resembles a pressure gauge, which the brand is known for. Two independent discs are in full view inside the hour numerals with the date disc being a bit larger than the inner day disc. The current date and day line up at 12 o’clock and are marked by a small, colour-matching triangle above the brand’s logo. The dials are differentiated by the discs and outer track being Bordeaux or Petrol, while the hour hand and numerals are white on both. Unlike the pair from 2019, the hour hand doesn’t have a red tip. Overall legibility is excellent.

MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Bordeaux and Petrol Dial 2022


Powering the new pair is a Sellita SW220-1 automatic that’s common to the series. It’s an alternative to the ETA 2836-2 and has 26 jewels, beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) with a 38-hour power reserve. Functions include central hours, minutes, seconds and day/date, but the minutes and seconds are unused in this case. Seen from the exhibition case back, it’s a simple yet visually interesting movement that includes a bit of customization on the rotor. 

MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Bordeaux and Petrol Dial 2022


MeisterSinger has a surprising variety when it comes to its portfolio. Giant moon phases, visible jumping hour mechanisms and novel ways of displaying days of the week via planetary symbols (Astroscope) are just a few examples. It’s impressive how these collections continue to grow and never get stale. The Pangaea Day Date takes a relatively simple concept and makes it visually interesting. The open discs and double-digit numerals really highlight the pressure gauge vibe and add useful functionality to boot. There are other watches with innovative, single-hand designs such as SNGLRTY’s Blue Steel OHI-4. As mentioned above, however, no brand has embraced the design like MeisterSinger and really pushed the boundaries of what can be done with such a simple concept. 

MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Bordeaux and Petrol Dial 2022

The 2022 Pangaea Day Date models retail for EUR 2,090 with availability from May 17th. That’s a solid price for such a unique offering and the new colours really add some visual punch. For more information and to place an order, please visit MeisterSinger’s website.

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