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MB&F introduces HM3 Black Frog Zr exclusively for The Hour Glass

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

MB&F is about so much more then just a different way to display time. The Horological Machines and the new Legacy Machine are about innovation. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, both technical as well as in terms of design. 

To boldly go where no watchmaker has gone before‘ I once wrote when the MB&F Horological Machine 4 was released. This actually applies to all Horological Machines including the newest version of the HM 3 Frog – we present you the HM3 Poison Dart Frog, named after this little poisonous fellow.

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In May of this year, Max Busser announced the Performance Art version of the HM3, the HM3 Moonmachine, created in collaboration with Stepan Sarpaneva. And in May of last year, MB&F presented the HM3 Frog Zr (limited to 18 pieces) that for the first time ever featured a high-tech zirconium case. The newest HM3 Poison Dart Frog also features a zirconium case that is covered with a layer of black PVD.

The new HM3 Poison Dart Frog features a 22 carat yellow gold ‘battle-axe’ rotor, to power the Girard-Perregaux base movement, which is redesigned and equipped with complication-modules by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The HM3 Poison Dart Frog (or Black Frog Zr as is engraved in the case back) is limited to just 10 pieces. The official price is  S$ 129,400 (that’s in Singapore dollars, including local taxes).

The sapphire crystal domes contain the domed hour and minute indicators, which are machined from solid aluminum, measuring just 0.28 mm in thickness and weighing just over 0.5 grams! These kind of technical achievements make this incredible design possible.

The name, poison dart frog, comes from a small poisonous frog that lives in South America. This small amphian is black with bright yellow dots/spots. And the screws on the HM3 Poison Dart Frog are made in 18 carat yellow gold, to resemble the yellow spots of the frog. The photos unfortunately don’t show the yellow gold too good, so better check them out at the Hour Glass. The HM3 Poison Dart Frog is a limited edition of 10 pieces, exclusively available at The Hour Glass.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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  1. Here’s a nice video where Steve, former president of MB&F USA, presents the HM3 Frog.

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