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Introducing the MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition with live photos & price

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
MBF HM3 Megawind Final Edition

The HM3 was a huge success for MB&F and was the perfect watch to create the most crazy editions possible, like the Jwlry Machine and its unique gem setting, the HM3 Frog, the Moonmachine made with Sarpaneva or the Megawind. Every good story however has an end and MB&F chose to close the book with a final edition of the HM3 based on the Megawind, the one that comes with an oversized rotor and spaceship-like time indicators. 

MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition - 3

This HM3 Final Edition is presented in a new case finishing. It is made of black PVD-treated 18k gold and titanium while the classical editions were available in 18K red gold or in 18k white. This Final Edition features a full black theme, as the 3D hour and minute cones and the oversized rotor are also finished in black.

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MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition - 2

Compare to the classical HM3, the Megawind is still coming with its up-side-down movement and the ceramic bearing to transfer the indication from the movement to the cones. However, Stepan Sarpaneva who collaborated on the creation decided to get rid of the date complication and instead to bring a super-massive rotor on the top of the watch. This rotor is shaped with two 22K gold blades and the central part, on this Final Edition, is blackened, just like the bridges of the movement.

MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition - 6

If the MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition is already a very cool watch in day light, it also has to be appreciated during the night. It comes with the strongest luminous coating available (the Super-LumiNova GL C3 Grade A to be precise) on both the cones (helpful to read the time) and beneath the rotor. When it’s dark, a thick line of Super-LumiNova is alternately revealed and covered by the turning rotor, adding animated bright flashes from the glowing green lume to the glowing indications.

MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition - 4

The 3D cones on the top are rotating and indicate on the left the hours and on the right the minutes. They can be read from both the side or the top. The MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition is like every HM3 a quite massive watch that wears surprisingly well. The case measures 47mm x 50mm x 17mm but the short and curved lugs helps to balance the watch on the wrist. Not the most discreet timepiece available, it however remains one the coolest.

The MB&F HM3 Megawind Final Edition will be produced in a limited run of 25 pieces. Swiss retail price will be 84,000 Swiss Francs before taxes. More details here.

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