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The MB&F Legacy Machine 2 In Palladium

The rarest of MB&F’s Legacy Machines with double regulators celebrates its tenth anniversary in a palladium case and aquamarine dial.

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MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium

Introduced in 2013, the Legacy Machine 2 or LM2 is considered one of the rarest of MB&F’s Legacy Machines. Unlike the perpetual calendar and chronograph Legacy Machines developed by genius watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, which are perceived as being more complicated, the deceptively simple MB&F Legacy Machine 2 only indicates the hours and minutes. However, its spectacular double regulators suspended above the dial make the LM2 an incredibly complex and accurate watch. Turning ten this year, an 18-piece limited edition of the LM2 returns in a precious palladium case with a beguiling aquamarine dial.

MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium

MB&F’s Legacy Machines are Max Büsser’s tribute to some of the greatest horological innovations and master watchmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries. In a radical departure from the brand’s galactic muses, Büsser flew back in time to embrace traditional watchmaking codes with a classic MB&F kinetic twist obtained by placing the balance wheel on the dial.

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MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium

Following the debut of the first Legacy Machine in 2011, MB&F unveiled the Legacy Machine 2 or LM2 in 2013 as a tribute to the historic double regulator and the geniuses behind one of the rarest mechanisms in watchmaking history (Breguet, Berthoud and Janvier). Unlike Breguet and Janvier, whose double regulators had separate movements and relied on resonance to average the rate of the two balances, the distance between the balance wheels of the LM2 was calculated to avoid this phenomenon.

The movement was developed by award-winning watchmaker Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode. For increased accuracy, the rates of the two balances are averaged out by a differential that transmits the rate to a single gear train for increased accuracy. At 6 o’clock, you can see the planetary differential supported by a double arc mirror-polished bridge with three jewels.

Supported by elegant V-shaped arched bridges, the suspended 11mm balance wheels almost graze the high domed sapphire crystal glass as they oscillate above the stretched white lacquered dial with Roman numerals and blued hands.

MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium

Presented in a 44mm palladium case, a notoriously difficult metal to work with, the latest iteration of the LM2 flaunts a lovely aquamarine movement plate with a finely engraved sunray pattern that catches the light at certain angles.

As with all editions of the Legacy Machine 2, independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for the historical fidelity of the finishings, including mirror-polished bevels, handmade engravings, Geneva waves, gold chatons with polished countersinks and bridges with internal bevelled angles. In honour of their contribution, the names of Mojon and Voutilianen are engraved on the back. This LM2 Palladium edition features anthracite NAC finishings.

MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium

Availability & Price

The MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Palladium is a limited edition of 18 pieces and retails for CHF 158,000, USD 172,000 or EUR 165,000 (excl. tax). Deliveries to retailers are underway, and the watch can also be bought at the brand’s eShop. For more information, please visit

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