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Great watch event in the UK – Salon QP

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

SalonQP will start next Thursday for the second time and it’s already the event everyone is talking about. You can still book tickets so why wait?

Last year watch magazine QP organized a three day watch event in London for the first time. This year they organize it again and it’s already one of the most talked about events of the year! SalonQP is not the usual watch fair like Baselworld or the SIHH. It’s an experience…

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James Gurney, editor of QP magazine, announces the event with these words: “An unprecedented cross-section of prestigious horological houses will present their finest pieces in the private and luxurious atmosphere of Sir John Soane’s historic One Marylebone. The driving philosophy of SalonQP is that of communication and discovery, to which end a programme of workshops, lectures and debates will run throughout the event, hosted by the brands themselves, industry leaders and QP Magazine’s regular contributors.”

One of the things that could be very interesting is the panel discussion that will be held on Friday afternoon (5:30 – 6:15 PM) and Saturday (1:30 – 2:15 PM). Members of the panel are legendary watchmaker Peter Roberts, Prodigal Fool Andrew Carrier (, freelance journalist Ken Kessler, QP editor-in-chief James Gurney and (of course) Elizabeth Doerr!

Another thing not to be missed is the book signing of the magnificent book 12 Faces of Time. This will start right after the Friday panel discussion around 6:30 PM. If you’re interested in the best watchmakers of these times, well, they’re in this book. Writer Elizabeth Doerr asked them to tell their own story and that’s exactly what they did. Combined with the beautiful photography of Ralf Baumgarter it makes an true homage to independent watchmaking.

The book ’12 Faces of Time’ can be bought online from Amazon or other bookstores.

3 responses

  1. I had high expectations of this event, and I was very dissapointed. The photos from the VIP event were nothing like the experience on Saturday 13th Nov. With the exception of the watchmakers and Roger Smith (who clearly have a passion for what they do), the others seemed reluctant to let you touch the watches. Some staff did not even have full product knowledge. The worst part was as I walked around the various exhibits from 2.30pm onwards, I could hear discussions from exhibitor staff of what time they were hoping to leave. Considering I paid over £20 for a ticket it was shocking not to be given at least free `tap water’ as it was so hot in parts. I guess if you are not going to the VIP event, there is no point in going otherwise if you expect drinks and canepes. I really feel that there is a more knowledgeable and persoanlised service in local jewelers and watch stores. They really look after the customer as a guest during their open evenings and special event days. Overall, a dissapointing experience for someone who was looking to buy a particular Lange and Sohne (the woman at the stall had no idea what I was talking about)

  2. @Malini… i’m sorry to hear that SalonQP was a disappointment. I must say the people who where very enthousiastic all went to the VIP event in Thursday… so that’s probably the highlight of the show?! Hope you can succeed in finding the particular Lange und Soehne you’re looking for. If i can be of assistance, do let me know.

  3. Hello,

    @Malini: Sorry to hear that Saturday was such a disappointment. I went on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon, which was quite fun. I can imagine that some of the boys and girls at the booths were less knowledgeable than some of us are, but I also found a lot of brands having a lot of knowledge on board (Nomos for example). I was disappointed by the Montblanc booth, where there was no or little interaction possible on watches. The disappointment I had with A. Lange & Soehne was about the fact that they brought dummy watches with them (for production models). That’s just a no-no for an event like this.


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