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Baselworld day three

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Another interesting day at Baselworld… and besides several meetings and running into some of the very best watchmakers on planet earth during a book-signing, it was also time to finally get my new MIH Watch!

Today the book 12 Faces of Time was officially released with a book-signing. Elizabeth Doerr, writer, and Ralf Baumgarten, photographer, really did an excellent job. Not only is the book great, later more about that, the book-signing was one of the most interesting events during the Baselworld fair. At least for me as an admirer of independent watchmakers.

12 Faces of Time is actually a piece of art about the art of watchmaking. It’s very stylish, designed beautifully and Ralf Baumgarten’s photography perfectly suit the style of the interviews. This perfect match between the style of interviews and photos is something that absolutely adds to the joy of reading this book.

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Another thing i really like, is the personal approach of the interviews. It’s no attempt to let a watchmaker describe his own watchmaking chronology, no it’s about the watchmaker, his vision, his drive and motivation. These are the factors that matter, as they are critical for the timepieces created by these watchmakers.

If you like mechanical watches, whether it be TAG Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe or watches made by independent watchmakers, than this book will surely be a bonus to the experience of your passion. The book ’12 Faces of Time’ can be bought online from Amazon or other bookstores.

By the way, I can also recommend the interview Tom Mulraney from The Watch Lounge did with Elizabeth Doerr.

Earlier on day three i had maybe my most interesting conversation at Baselworld. It was with Martin Frei, designer and creative genius, and together with Felix Baumgartner co-founder of URWERK. In a following blog story i’ll share more of this conversation and the newest URWERK 103T Shining T (see photo above) and Mexican Fireleg and the URWERK 203.

Last but not least, the moment to strap my new MIH Watch on my wrist had finally arrived. From the hands of Beat Weinmann, engine behind the birth of the MIH Watch and manager of watch store The Embassy in Luzern, Switzerland. Later more about the MIH Watch, but for now the first wristshot (although it’s a crappy photo).

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