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iwc wall clock

While our managing editor Brice is enjoying a well-deserved vacation, I am making time for what I actually like doing best: writing about beautiful watches! During the year most of my time goes on many other activities, to make sure that we can keep sharing our passion for fine watches with you, and we can pay the bills. Monochrome’s subtitle is, and has been for  the past 10 years, ‘Dedicated to Fine Watches’ and that really covers what we are. 

I’m very thankful to you, our readers, for making this possible (if we had only 10 or 20 readers every month, I’m sure no watch brand would be interested in working with us). And I’m also thankful to the participating watch brands for making the coolest gifts available for you! Today we’re going to draw the winners of the three IWC books, IWC cufflinks and IWC pilot’s sunglasses. And also today, now to be precise, we get to announce our new sweepstake and the prize you can win: an IWC wall clock!

This IWC wall clock measures 40 cm (approx. 16 inch) in diameter and has the looks of a Portugieser, with similar rail track around the dial, and applied numerals and hour markers. Funny enough the dial shows the word “automatic”, while it is of course powered by a battery. However… the second hand goes smooth around the dial, and does not show the usual jumping second hand that every regular quartz movement has. No, it actually looks like there’s a mechanical movement inside and that’s just very cool!

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Here’s a short video of the sweeping second hand.

Like with every sweepstake, we’ll ask you a few question and you will automagically be subscribed to our newsletter. You can change the subscription from daily to weekly, to suit your personal preference.

The questions that we’re asking this week include your first and last name, your email, your city and country. We’ve never asked the latter two, and we certainly do not need to know your shoe size, however it’s good to get a rough idea of where our readers live.

Sweepstake is closed

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  1. Very cool. Never thought I’d think that about a battery powered wall clock!

  2. This would look nice in the living room of my upcoming newly built (rental) house!

    Good luck to all participants.

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