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Fromanteel Pendulum X – An Anniversary Piece that Confirms the Brand’s Growth

Classy yet understated design tells the story of a decade of experience and the evolution of a brand that wasn’t.

| By Gandor Bronkhorst | 2 min read |
Fromanteel Pendulum X 10th anniversary edition

It all started with a bright idea based on some vague pictures. Dutch entrepreneurs Alfredo Silva and Martijn van Hassel stepped into the watch limelight exactly ten years ago with a brand name they borrowed from a man they could never have known. Even after long research, the men learned something, but not too much, about the long-deceased watchmaker who went by the name of Ahasuerus Fromanteel.

Did they have anything to do with the watchmaker himself? No. Did they operate from the same atelier? No. Did they… have anything in common with Mr Fromanteel? Honestly… not really.

But they were Dutch, based in Amsterdam and they liked the “innovative and entrepreneurial character” of Mr Fromanteel. More importantly: the classic, functional designs inspired Silva and Van Hassel, so they decided to go ahead with the brand name. And it stuck. They started out with a quartz-only collection that was priced well below the watches that make our MONO-hearts tick but soon started building a nice collection.

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Fromanteel Pendulum X 10th anniversary edition

The new Fromanteel Pendulum X – 10 years of progress

That’s all history now. This month, Fromanteel is celebrating its first decade in business with a watch that combines all that these Amsterdammers stand for. Fromanteel really stepped up its game and could definitely be labelled “accessible luxury”. Classy yet very functionally designed, beautifully proportioned and reliably powered by an ETA automatic movement; this watch deserves to be considered by anyone who’s just getting started in the World of Watches.

Fromanteel Pendulum X 10th anniversary edition

The Fromanteel Pendulum X has a 42mm stainless steel case polished all over, has a sapphire crystal front and caseback and promises water-resistance to 50 metres. Strikingly, the signature yellow colour of Fromanteel is applied in small details only noticed by those in the know: the lining of the strap and the inlay of the crown have this signature sign.

And those are not the only lovely details. The dial showcases pure Fromanteel taste as we know it: a fine combination of olive green and the indexes are rose gold plated. The ‘X’ on the dial is actually made from real rose gold – a nice detail. Under the dial, you’ll find the 2824-2 ETA movement. The black leather strap is made from calfskin leather and has a crocodile print and buckle.

Prices and availability

Now here is the deal. You could wait for the X Pendulum to hit the stores and pay the full retail price of EUR 1,299 or you could pre-order it here for a temporary price of EUR 999. This price is only valid until August 4. From that moment on, the watch can’t be bought anymore. Fromanteel Pendulum X 10th anniversary editionFor more information and to make a purchase, visit the dedicated page

Update on 23/07/2019 – prices and availability.

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