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Europa Star Digitizes 90 Years of Archives to Create an Online Library

An invaluable source of information for watch aficionados and professionals.

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Europa Star Archives Online Library

One of the oldest and most respected watch magazines, our colleagues at Europa Star have embarked on the digitization of their archives to create a vast online library. A treasure trove of memories and information on the watch industry, which is now available online for watch aficionados and professionals.

Archives are witnesses to the past. The Europa Star library reflects 90 years of horological history, as the magazine was founded in 1927 – a print magazine specialized in watchmaking, jewellery and the precision industry. As such, it represents a fascinating and invaluable source of information to dig, browse and read thousands of articles about your favourite brands and watches or to shed light on some of the major evolutions of the watchmaking industry.

Europa Star Archives Online Library

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So far, over 60,000 pages (in different languages) or 350 magazines since 1959 have been digitized but Europa Star’s target is to add another 40,000 pages by the end of 2019 and by 2020, the goal is to have the entirety of the 300,000 pages of archive digitized. A simple, user-friendly search function helps you explore these valuable resources. It is thus very helpful to find references for the information you are looking for.

This online library is reserved to Europa Star Club Members via subscription – you can opt for one of the tiers of membership from CHF 99 to CHF 499. For more information, please visit

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  1. When did Glashutte make that piece in the main pic? It’s gorgeous.

  2. I agree, Gill great looking piece. Brice – do you know the reference?
    I’m a big GO fan. I especially love my early 2000s Karree Moon phase.

  3. Hi Arthur, it’s the Senator PanoDate Moonphase reference 39-41-01-01-04 from the late 90’s. PS. the GO Karree is lovely, congrats

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