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Ace Juwelers online

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Some of you guys might already know Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam. It’s an Authorised Dealer of brands like IWC, Longines, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Omega, Oris and many more. Ace Jewelers has three shops in the centre of Amsterdam and always offers a warm welcome and time to share the passion for fine watches. Today Ace Juwelers opened a new shop… on the internet! Yes, Ace Juwelers starts doing business on the world wide web.

From my point of view this is a logical choice and i think many customers welcome this addition to the retail channel of an AD. Not only for buying a new watch, if you already know what you want, but also for buying a new OEM strap for your watch!

I don’t know any other authorised dealer with a webshop as well, but i think many will follow the example Ace Juwelers sets today. There are of course many place on the internet where you can buy wristwatches of every possible brand. But these places are the so called grey market dealers or dealers in used watches. So this new official online AD is something completely new!

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Searching for watches on the internet may not give you all information you are looking for. Ace Juwelers have done a great think in my opinion, by adding a lot of information about every watch offered. This makes it much more easy to come to a decision and ‘pull the trigger’.


Since Ace Juwelers offers more than high end wristwatches, they will also offer their other products online via their brand new webshop. Make sure to check the extensive collection of juwelry and accessories like cuff links, watch straps including all OEM straps from the brands they represent, deployant clasps, watchboxes and much more.

Visit the brand new website of Ace Juwelers to take a look and experience the comforts of ordering online with a trusted official Authorised Dealer.

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