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Announcing – We’re expanding and Tom Mulraney and Matthew Catellier are joining MONOCHROME

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

It is with great pleasure that we welcome two gentlemen to the Monochrome team, who will be helping us out to cover what we at Monochrome feel are great watches. The Monochrome selection so to say. Tom is Monochrome’s “man in London” and will cover everything that’s important, horologically speaking, from the UK and London in particular, while Matthew will be handling our selection of value propositions and cool Kickstarter brands.

Tom Mulraney joins as Monochrome’s unofficial “man in London” and will be covering everything from boutique openings, events or in-depth hands-on reviews. I first met Tom via email many, many years ago when we were both starting out as aspiring watch bloggers. At that time I hadn’t met too many watch nuts from Down Under but I am pleased to say our paths have crossed many times since over the years, most often during the madness that is Baselworld.


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Tom with (top row): Stephen Forsey, Peter Speake-Marin, Max Busser, holding a Greubel Forsey and thinking of how to slip that into his pocket without being caught. Bottom row: Mr. Biver, Daniel Roth, at the GF manufacture and with Thomas Prescher

Hopefully Tom’s name should already be familiar to some of you. As a passionate watch lover and curious industry observer he launched his own online watch blog – The Watch Lounge – back in 2009. Over the years, he has also written about watches for a number of other publications including GQ, Men’s Health and World Tempus just to name a few. In his spare time he continues to publish on TWL, focusing on his main love – independent watchmakers.


Tom Mulraney

Interestingly though it wasn’t a watch from an independent brand that sparked his interest in mechanical watches but rather the vintage 1960’s Omega Seamaster Automatic he inherited from his grandfather. Tom says his tastes have evolved over the years to become more ‘sophisticated’ but more often than not it’s that vintage Omega you’ll spot on his wrist.

In addition to writing for us I am pleased to say that Tom will also be helping us develop the Monochrome brand further in London so please feel free to contact him directly to discuss any opportunities for collaboration via [email protected].


Matthew Catellier

Matthew Catellier, or short Matt, got his first watch, a Timex, from his father and he can still remember that clearly. Ever since then he has had a strong passion for a large variety of timepieces, which quickly morphed its self into an obsession for high-end horology. Coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and IT background, Matt founded, where he reviews more affordable timepieces. For Monochrome he will be covering our selection of the most interesting watch brands that emerge on the Kickstarter platform. Of course only timepieces with a mechanical heart, otherwise it would never be “Monochrome material”. Besides Kickstarter brands, he will also focus on other value propositions, and show you that a nice watch shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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