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Announcing – The New MONOCHROME Shop, Redesigned and Restocked

| By Frank Geelen | 5 min read |
New MONOCHROME Shop - Leather Straps, Watch Rolls, Watch Accessories

Today, I am proud to announce that MONOCHROME is, again, moving one step forward. Last year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our watch-magazine and, in addition to that, we increased our team of experts who work hard to provide the articles we hope you enjoy to read. Now, it is another announcement that I’d like to share with you, as we’re launching the new, redesigned and re-stocked MONOCHROME Shop. This means a fresh and clean website (see here) and great products that we personally curated, with the usual MONOCHROME style. I hope you like our new straps and watch rolls as much as we do!

A Shop, the MONOCHROME way

When we took the decision to start our own webshop, we knew that we had to bring something unique to the table. This is why we decided to rebuild and relaunch our own shop more in line with who we are and what MONOCHROME is all about. We’re purists, we love the most beautiful and desirable watches. And of course, we love to find straps, accessories and watch rolls that befit that level of quality that we also seek for in our own watches.

New MONOCHROME Shop - Leather Straps, Watch Rolls, Watch Accessories

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Our “new and improved” shop is now really done in the MONOCHROME way. For the first time, we have curated the products that befit the type of watches we love and that we cover in our online magazine. Since we couldn’t source them “off the shelf”, we started sourcing ateliers willing to work with us on the quality that we wanted to deliver. Our new straps, watch rolls, tools and bracelets can perfectly complement the type of watches that we love and cover on MONOCHROME.

We believe our products share the same elegant and timeless appeal as the watches you love to read about on MONOCHROME. The products that you can see in our new shop as of today (and also the ones that will follow soon) are those that we personally love. That’s what we meant by a shop, the MONOCHROME way.

Our Hand-Made Alligator Straps

New MONOCHROME Shop - Leather Straps, Watch Rolls, Watch Accessories

After a long search, we’ve finally found that perfect small Italian leather atelier. And even better, they’ve agreed to make our collection of MONOCHROME Straps. Hand-made in northern Italy, and always featuring our distinct light blue lining, each strap is embossed with the MONOCHROME name and logo. We searched high and low for the most supple alligator leather known to man – we’re not kidding – and can say with confidence that these are some of the best straps on the market (but for a better price.) It goes without saying, of course, that our straps are made using only large-scale alligator skin. These are, after all, leather straps for watch enthusiasts who don’t like to compromise. We hope that you will love our new straps as much as we do. They are available in 4 colours (Black, Dark Blue, Light Brown and Dark Brown) and in multiple sizes, to adapt to most of the watches.

Our Canvas Watch Rolls

Wherever or whenever we travel, we take our watches with us; a different watch for a different occasion. It’s very important that the watches we bring are stored safely during our travels, and that’s why we designed the MONOCHROME Canvas Watch Rolls. Our watch roll is made of 12oz. waxed canvas and lined with microfiber suede. We specifically wanted to have this soft lining, because waxed canvas is a hard material that could scratch watches (in particular gold cases and plexiglass crystals on vintage timepieces.)

When working on the design and later the prototyping, we could really set our quality standards. Before we were confident about the rolls, we have been using them for several months now. The waxed canvas watch roll that is now available in the webshop roll has been tested and approved by our team and we are 100% confident about the quality of our canvas watch rolls. The stitching is very good, the leather strap to works perfectly, and the microfiber lining is just awesome.

The watch roll can store up to 5 watches, or alternatively, the 5th pocket could also be used to store some tools and/or extra straps. Also, large watches, with a 45mm or 47mm diameter, fit in snuggly. They are available in 4 different colours (Black, Brown, Green and Grey).

More Straps, Leather Bracelets and Watch Accessories

That’s not all… as the MONOCHROME webshop also includes some Ostrich Straps, some Calf Straps, some leather bracelets to complement your watch and a wide selection of (accessible) Perlon straps – in no less than 9 different colours. Also, because we love our watches to be in good health, we also teamed up with ONEOF Accuracy, a clever measurement tool for mechanical watches that works with your smartphone.

In the coming months more straps, of various leathers, will be added to our shop. And also watch rolls, pouches and tubes for storing your watches or to take them with you when you’re travelling. There will also be more accessories, books, tools. And more bracelets, again without any metal parts, so they will not scratch your beloved watches. Altogether we will expand the shop, and if you have suggestions for new products then do not hesitate to send your suggestion to [email protected].


Follow the MONOCHROME Shop

In order to keep track of the products we offer, as well as the novelties that we will soon add to our webshop, we’ll make sure that articles will be published on under the “shop” tag. You can also follow us on instagram, @monochrome.webshop.

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