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Announcing – Roberta Naas joins MONOCHROME and we’re starting to cover Ladies’ Watches

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Roberta Naas joins Monochrome-Wacthes as ladies watches editor

Well, this is a big one, and I feel humbled to announce that non-other than esteemed watch journalist Roberta Naas is joining Monochrome-Watches. Having such an experienced journalist, who has been covering the world of watches since the early 1980s, is a real coup. She’s got more than thirty years in the industry and has written a half a dozen books on the subject. With that comes an incredible amount of knowledge about the industry, about watch models, styles and, of course, about those lovely mechanisms with a beating heart. She joins us to cover the topic many of you told us that you would like to read more about: women’s watches.

Roberta Naas joins Monochrome-Wacthes as ladies watches editor

As you might remember, Monochrome celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. We asked our friends at watch brands if they would like to make some presents available for you to win in our monthly give-aways, and all you had to do was answer some questions. One of these questions asked what you would love to see more on Monochrome, and to my big surprise, you wanted to read more about ladies’ watches (among others). Now I don’t want to write about ladies’ watches, as I find it very difficult as a man to say something about the design of ladies’ watches, and how they wear.

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Of course, I ask women I know what they think about a new ladies’ watch (when a new press release arrives in my inbox) and I often hear that the watch in question doesn’t do it for the lady I asked. And I’m not surprised, because often it’s a men’s watch with a diamond-set bezel. To me a poor excuse for a ladies’ watch, but hey, I’m a man so what do I know about ladies’ watches. And to complicate things, most women in my life prefer the so-called boy-friend watch (my wife mainly wears her old Rolex Airking, and sometimes a Nomos Tangente 33 Doctors Without Borders.)

So, after giving this a lot of thought, I decided to look for a woman who could do the job. It’s no easy task, as Monochrome has a rather particular style with many in-depth articles, historical information, thorough and long reviews. So, how to handle the ladies section? Well, Roberta Naas is the person who can do exactly what we here, at Monochrome, do – in-depth coverage – and it gives me great pleasure to welcome her to the team.

Last Saturday we published her first about the iconic Bulgari Serpenti. For summer period she’ll write two articles per month, however, as of September she will publish her stories here every week.

If you want to learn more about Roberta, she even has a Wikipedia page (see here.) She also covers affordable and luxury watches for and writes for some of world’s foremost consumer publications.

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