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Weekly Watch Photo – Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two TRC in titanium

| By Frank Geelen | 4 min read |

Today’s Weekly Watch Photo features photos of the Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two TRC, again. Back in September I already showed you some photos of the new Chapter Two TRC, photographed by Ming Thein.

A few weeks ago, at SalonQP in London, I ran into Steven Holzman, founder and CEO of Maîtres du Temps, and he told me that he had more of these beautiful photos. Since the Weekly Watch Photo is mainly about enjoying the beauty of a exquisite timepiece, photographed in a very attractive way, these photos are perfect for Monochrome’s WWP. This time we focus on the (non-DLC) titanium version of Chapter Two TRC (Triple Calendar Round).

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two TRC

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Let’s take a step back and have a look at the beginning of Maîtres du temps. It was 2007 when Steven Holzman founded Maîtres du Temps, which is not so much a new watch company, but more a new horological concept. A concept that I find very appealing, as it brings some of the greatest watchmakers  together to develop a new timepiece. It is a promotion of the people who actually craft the timepieces, something that we here at Monochrome full support of course!

I saw my role as a connector and as a catalyst, bringing people together to come up with ideas and providing the template for independent watchmakers to be seen through a collaborative effort,” says Holtzman. “By blending the different styles and talents of the watchmakers, I was able to realize my vision—Maîtres du Temps.

maitres du temps chapter 2 trc

There are of course parallels with the Opus series of Harry Winston and MB&F. Where Harry Winston’s Opus series gives one watchmaker the opportunity to create his Opus Magnus, MB&F is more guided by Max Busser’s ideas and concepts. Maîtres du Temps brings together more watchmakers who’re gonna create something very special and every time respecting the old and traditional approach of watchmaking!

What we’re looking for is creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship,” Holtzman says. “In assembling our teams of masters, we traveled throughout Switzerland and Europe, meeting amazingly talented craftsmen. Each master brings a new perspective and his own strengths, so by teaming up these gifted individuals, we can create something very special.

Maitres du temps Chapter 2 TRC

All Maîtres du Temps’s timepieces are created by famous watchmakers, who in my opinion can be considered the rock stars of the watch industry. For Chapter One was signed of by Peter Speake-Marin, Roger Dubuis and Christophe Claret and Chapter Two was created by nobody less then Daniel Roth and (again) Roger Dubuis and Peter Speake-Marin. We covered Chapter Three for you here.

Chapter One is the most complicated of all three Chapters (price is around $ 400,000 USD) and features a tourbillon, a mono-poussoir (single pusher) chronograph, retrograde date, retrograde GMT, and two rolling bars at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, indicating the day of the week and the phases of the moon. Chapter Two was launched at a starting price of $ 67,000 USD, which was made possible by loosing the tourbillon, retrograde GTM and chronograph functions. Making it less complicated, and in my opinion more wearable!

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two TRC

Chapter Two features hours and minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, a big date, and the day and month spelled out on two rollers positioned on either side of the case. Although one might think it’s a perpetual calendar, it’s not, Chapter Two is a so-called triple calendar. Adjusting the day or month is easy, as it requires just a push at the buttons at the back side of the case.

Two years after its initial launch, Maîtres du Temps released the TRC version of Chapter Two, featuring a round in stead of a tonneau shape case. TRC stands for Triple Calendar Round, simple as that. There are three different version, each made from grade 5 titanium and some with PVD coated case parts.

Maitres du temps Chapter Two TRC

Crown, pushers and screws are all in red gold or white gold and so are details on the dial and the diamond-cut hands. Chapter Two TRC is available for CHF 69,000 (excl. taxes) and is, based on its looks, the most sporty Maîtres du Temps. For now there are three flavors: full titanium (with white gold details), titanium and PVD coated titanium (also with white gold details) and full PVD coated titanium with red gold details.

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two TRC

Photo credits go to Ming Thein, who’s photos are incredible again; here you can visit his website.

The Maitre du Temps Chapter Two is available for CHF 69,000 (before tax). More information about Maitres du Temps can be found on their website here and on the official Maitres du Temps Facebook page.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

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