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The Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas: Three Golds Wrap The Wrist In Luxury

| By Roberta Naas | 3 min read |

This year, Bulgari unites several iconic feats of women’s watch and jewelry making into one incredible timepiece that coils around the wrist in voluptuous beauty. In addition to being ultra sexy, it is the answer to any woman’s wishes. Find out why with the new Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Three Gold.

Italian jewelry and watch brand, Bulgari, has many an icon in its history. Additionally, the brand is always cutting-edge, unveiling visionary timepieces that complement its rich collection. This year, the brand deftly combines three important elements from its past for a decidedly modern look in the new Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch in three colors of gold.

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Key Icons Brought Together

Because the Roman-born Bulgari is more than 130 years old, it has a host of important achievements in its past that naturally continue to come into play in newer pieces. Vintage inspirations and retro styling are a natural for this brand, as it regularly reinterprets luxury on the wrist. For the newest Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch, the brand brings together the iconic more-than-70-year-old Tubogas bracelet with the legendary Serpenti watch (worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra in 1962, and resoundingly famous around the world). That was not enough, however. Bulgari further underscores the piece by delivering a triple-wrap bracelet made in three colors of gold – yet another touch of yesteryear.

The Tubogas bracelet is a wonderful coil bracelet that twists around the wrist for ultimate comfort and sensual appeal.  First unveiled by Bulgari in the late 1940’s, the Tubogas bracelet complemented the Bulgari-Bulgari watches first and then branched out to other collections. Over the years it has been interpreted on several watch collections and in a multitude of different materials, including gemstones, precious metals and even high-tech ceramic.

Similarly, the Serpenti watch has been an icon for the brand since the mid-1900s, as well.  With a theme that revolves around mythology and the Garden of Eden, the Serpenti is designed to lure one into its hypnotic spell – offering a beguiling feminine presence.

With this year marking the 100th anniversary of the brand’s first women’s watches, the timing was perfect for Bulgari to bring so many elements together in one women’s timepiece. Thus, continuing to recall its history, the brand turned to the heady and trendy days of the 1960’s and 1970’s, when multi-colored gold was all the rage. As such, Bulgari opted to create the tri-color gold Serpenti Tubogas watch in a rich mix of white gold, pink gold and yellow gold. The bracelet subtly transforms from one color to the next with ease thanks to today’s fine processes that allow for a slightly graduated transition.

Serpenti Tubogas Three Gold Colors Watch

As mentioned, the artisans at Bulgari have perfected the technique of transitioning from one color of gold to the next with seamless ease. The merging of the three gold colors — leading to the snakehead finished in pink gold and set with 38 diamonds—is a flawless mastery of jewelry making … Bulgari’s forte.

Make no mistake; the Serpenti Tubogas is not a new creation. It is a reinterpretation of many things Bulgari does right. That is one of the main reasons it has appeal. It brings together icons of Bulgari’s past in an amalgamation of femininity, seduction, ergonomics and versatile appeal that is perfect for today’s woman.

What woman does not struggle almost daily with deciding which color of gold to wear on a particular day?  What woman doesn’t wish secretly for something fashionable and trendy that will go with all of her jewels and clothing? This three-color gold watch is a contemporary take on history that offers a simple answer to the struggles of everyday accessorizing. It’s almost as easy as snake charming. More details on

This article has been written by Roberta Naas, founder of A Timely Perspective; and author of six books on watches.

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