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Godzilla’s wrist watch?

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Sometimes readers of Monochrome sent me an email with their thoughts or questions about something i wrote. Sometimes i receive really funny mails, like this one about a HUGE watch. Check it out!

Just imagine finding Godzilla’s wrist watch….

Godzillas wrist watch?
Godzilla's wrist watch?

This huge watch was found during a house cleaning. Well i can imagine the finder must have wondered about the previous owners of the house 🙂

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The total length, from buckle to the end of the other band, is around 90 cm or 3 feet. Slightly too big for my wrist i guess… look at the wrist watch next to it.

Radio wrist watch
Radio wrist watch

After taking a closer look it appeared to be a radio in a wrist watch shape. The case with crystal, lugs, a crown, hands and dial are shaped exactly like a watch. Even the strap is made of real leather and has stitching on the sides. Both strap ends are attached with a removable pin and it even comes with a buckle.

back - dial - buckle
back - dial - buckle

The radio is AM only and operates on a 9 volt battery. The crown is used as on/off switch and as volume control. The hour and minute hand are actually only one hand that indicates the frequency of the radio. Via a center knob in the middle the radio can be tuned to different radio stations.

Wanna hear another song?
Wanna hear another song?

Thanx to Joseph for sending these photos!

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  1. Good eye for detail, George! It looks like the TV of Captain Kirk in Startrek 🙂
    Scotty beam me up…

  2. The last pictures caption should have said “There’s always time for another song”. 😉

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