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GIVE AWAY – Win a Seiko Presage SSA303J1 Wrist Watch

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Give Away - Win Seiko Presage SSA303J1

Here’s the next give-away, and it’s the third time we’re giving away a wrist watch. The watch that you can win is the from the new Seiko Presage collection, and to be precise it’s the Seiko Presage SSA303J1. This week I’m in Japan, visiting several Seiko manufactures where I’m learning more about the Seiko brand, the different collections, and their way of manufacturing and technical aspects of… well, of so much actually. Over the coming weeks I will tell you much more about what I’ve learned and seen, however let’s first focus on the watch that you can win!

The Seiko Presage SSA303J1 could be considered sporty and a bit “dressy” as well. It combines good contemporary looks with very nice technical substance. Inside ticks the calibre 4R57, which offers 41 hours of power reserve, and the remaining power is indicated by a central power reserve hand. The 29-jewel movement beats at 21,600 vph and also offers a date function, which is displayed at 6 o’clock. The watch measures 42mm in diameter, has sapphire crystal on both sides (so, yes, you can have a peek at the movement) and offers water resistance to 100 meters.

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Give Away - Win Seiko Presage SSA303J1

The questions that we’re asking this week include your first and last name, your email, and what you think about the idea of an annual Monochrome Limited Edition watch. No, we’re not turning into watchmakers, or a sticker brand for that matter! The idea came to mind when I chased (haunted?) a well-known watchmaker with a ‘special request’. At the time it was simply impossible to create what I had in mind, however now it is possible and I can only imagine that I’m not the only one who likes what I have in mind. Since this is our tenth anniversary, the idea of a limited edition of ten pieces came to mind, however I’d love what you think of this thought!

One last thing: towards the end of the year we will show you all the winners of the 10th anniversary sweepstakes!

Sweepstake in now closed

45 responses

  1. Beautiful! A limited edition Monochrome would certainly be cool, but most likely light years away from my current budget. Would still love to see the process!

  2. Fantastic masterpiece!
    The Japanese design is ahead of its time. And this is not only for watches…

  3. Also… I always like the idea of a limited edition watch but “You can’t please all of the people, all of the time.” are words to live by.

  4. What do I say about the idea of an annual Monochrome Limited Edition watch? I say, “That is a fantastic idea!”

  5. A Monochrome limited edition? Why not? Leave a mark in the history

  6. Honestly it is difficult to say anything about a limited edition without having ideas on how it will look, who will do it, and most important how the “limited” will be reported on the watch….In general I am a bit contrary on “limited” since talking of luxury watches…they should be limited by definiton.
    Just my two cents….


  7. Outstanding look for a Seiko. The limited addition idea is brilliant yet 10 is quite low. I know you have more fans who would jump at the chance to get one. Perhaps one for each month in operation.

  8. I like the idea of an annual watch, but only if the partnership is discreet (co-branding on the back of the watch, not the face) and if the design changes are meaningful. I would never buy a watch simply because another company that I like helped design the watch. That adds very little value to me. What I would like to see would be an already great watch that was offered in a different (but still tasteful) color scheme, repositioning or removal of date window, changing the design to increase functionality, removal of faux patina on an otherwise great design, etc. If those are the changes that Monochrome would seek to make, then I like the idea.

  9. I agree 10 is too low. I am getting quite frustrated by getting news of limited edition series that are gone by the time they are announced. That’s why the Kickstarter model works better I think. Suggest at least 1,000.

  10. Love this series from Seiko. Well designed, right size, excellent quality and you can wear it with everything! The next Seiko I buy will be from the Presage line again.
    @ Seiko: keep up the good work!

  11. Love the style of this Seiko Presage. Really like the idea if the limited edition Monochrome watches.

  12. It all depends on the design of the watch but yes, I love the idea of a limited edition Monochrome watch. Please don’t put a date window in it though.

  13. Promising but you should look at analytics to get an idea of what kind of watch readers would be interested in!

  14. Very unique look. Would work great with casual an formal look. Very catchy design

  15. Honestly, I have no need for limited edition watches – UNLESS they are done right. Hodinkee have done a very good job with their two efforts.

  16. An epitome of Seiko – modern, yet traditional!

    I would also enjoy a detailed photo review on the process of design and creation of the Monochrome watch. This insight would add to the appreciation of the piece.

  17. Having a limited edition watch it’s a great idea. The perfect way to celebrate your tenth anniversary! Congrats! Go for it! I am looking forward to see the piece and I am totally confident it will be of impecable taste.

  18. It is a fantastic watch. With the flood of different Seiko watches the brand constatly surprises me with their fairness. I think Seiko is producing best value-for-the-money watches.
    Having a limited edition watch really tickless me, just knowing you are wearing a watch only few on the world owns makes me inpatient, edgy, yet very excitted and happy expecting sth like that 🙂

  19. its a great seiko watch. i love it and would like to have it in my collection. i own a seiko 5 50th anniversary edition. jiegs delos santos/ [email protected]/ an annual monochrome watch is a great idea. please make it a simple watch so it can be affordable to us collectors with budget limitations.

  20. I feel that any model from the higher end line of Seiko is always a welcome gift. Seiko was my first quality watch I ever owned and since have acquired several more. I would certainly consider the Presage to add to my collection of world wide watches and timepieces.

  21. I am a big Seiko fan. I feel that they offer the most “bang for the buck”. However, I have trouble accepting Seiko as a premium brand. Usually limited editions (especially 10 units) are prohibitively hjgh priced and of questionable resale value because of a limited market. I currently own 20+ Seiko mechanicals and love them.

  22. In Portugal i saw it with some kind of Japanese Box. I’m in love with everything starting with the design and mature aspect. Kamen Hai

  23. Wow! I am a newbie to watches. This one really looks nice, love at first sight I must say. Listed at 700$+ on Amazon, time to start saving some money 😀

  24. The answer to this idea is really simple: YES, I’d be in instant for such an experiment. Such a watch would certainly not attract everyone, but I’m sure there are people out there (including me), who would love the one coloured (monochromatic) design from time to time. As stated before: A limited edition, launched once per year. WHY? Because it is sometimes nice to have a watch, that is monochromatic and in a way (in addition) “purged” of all unnecessary elements – on it left only the features in one colour (where possible and also desirable), that serve the functionality of the watch. Really a minimalistic approach in a way, if you think about it more in depth. This and NOTHING more! This piece is an excellent example and I must admit, that if I had enough money, I’d buy it in an instant. There are of course 3 “USUAL” dials, in a circle arranged indicator of the day with an additional dial (not really something you can’t manage without, but certainly makes your life ‘easier’ and shows that the designer had some imagination left – many do not) and last but not least: In a semi-circle laid out the power reserve indicator, again with a dial (without a doubt a feature, that GREATLY enhances the functionality of the watch – I know, that this is my most SUBJECTIVE statement in whole of the comment and many would not agree – and is positioned in such a way, that makes the watch instantly more appealing to the wearer or someone, who just can’t take off his/her eyes away from the watch). Slowly I feel the “saturation” of the market, as sometimes seems, that there are not enough colours in the whole RGB spectrum left, to put all of the colours on the watch (my mind crossed the idea of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Rio 2016 Limited Edition Watch – if this is not too “flashy”, I do not know, what is). Even if the collectors would not appreciate the monochromatic design necessarily, I’m sure that avid collectors would love to own a LIMITED edition watch in their collection. So here you have my “logic” also from a financial perspective: Watchmakers are happy, because they will cash in (a limited edition watch bring with it more money than a standard one – in my opinion at least, because to my knowledge, they are ALL sold out, many times even BEFORE the beginning of the production) and the collectors will have another “toy” to play with (a little cynicism did never hurt anyone).

  25. Excellent idea about the monochrome watch!!
    also, Seiko leaves us in aw again

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