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The 8 New Watches Of The Omega Seamaster 75th Anniversary “Summer Blue” Collection (Live Pics)

Omega pays tribute to three-quarter of century of its icon with a fresh, summery collection.

| By Brice Goulard | 10 min read |

Omega, as a brand, has an incredibly long and rich history. When it comes to their watches, one can easily name models such as the Speedmaster or the Constellation. Yet, the watch collection with the longest production run is the Seamaster. Launched in 1948, to mark the 100th anniversary of the brand, the Omega Seamaster was based upon designs made for the British Royal Navy, but even though its technology was war-tested, it remained a child of peace. And a watch that has always been associated with water-resistance and, soon after its introduction 75th years ago, the exploration of the seas. And since the watch celebrates three-quarter of century of existence this year, it is time for Omega to release a special anniversary collection, with 7 classic Seamaster models rendered in a new Summer Blue gradient tone, but it also marks the return of an emblematic watch, the mighty Seamaster Ploprof. 

Quick historical recap

The Omega Seamaster was born on the expertise that Omega gained with watches developed and delivered to the British Ministry of War. The main requirement with these watches was, besides being accurate, that they had to be waterproof and anti-magnetic. This led Omega to develop all kinds of technologies, which were used during wartime. Later, Omega relies on this knowledge and know-how to create of the Seamaster collection. It is because of this incredible experience gained with the production of thousands of military timepieces that Omega could come to the market, only three years after the war, in 1948, with such an accomplished product – which has been re-edited in 2018. 

The original pair of Seamaster watches released in 1948

From the earliest days of its existence, the Seamaster has been a commercial success, despite the very first Seamaster watches being simple, elegant looking timepieces. It is only by 1957, with the introduction of the Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913, that the fate of this model will change forever. At this precise point in history, Omega’s professional watches were born – the Seamaster will join the emblematic trilogy of Master watches, together with the Railmaster and the Speedmaster.

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From this moment, Omega will never cease to innovate and upgrade its Seamaster collection – which has become from this point onward the brand’s vessel for anything dive watch. Hundreds of models will be developed, and technologies will be adapted – think about the developments Omega undertook with Comex, the PloProf project, the creation of helium-proof cases, and something that few know, pioneering the use of 904L in watchmaking. 

Looking beyond the product, the popularity of the Seamaster went to yet another level in 1995, when it became the official James Bond watch. The Seamaster Diver 300M Professional will make its first appearance on the wrist of Bond in Goldeneye, and has been in all movies ever since. The Seamaster has also accomplished prodigious records, with the Seamaster Ultra Deep prototype reaching the world’s deepest point together with explorer Victor Vescovo, at a depth of almost 11 kilometers. There are dozens of story to be told about the Seamaster, a collection with 75 years of track record… We encourage you to have a look at these pages, with all the stories we’ve published about the Omega Seamaster.

The basics

While the big new for this new Seamaster 75th anniversary collection is the comeback of the Ploprof, there are 7 other models – all existing references – that have been revamped for the occasion of this commemorative collection. The theme… A summer blue tone, executed in a gradient way on the dials, but not only. If you look closely, you’ll see that the gradient effect moves towards the entire range of watches, the dials becoming darker with the depth rating of the watches – the more water-resistant, the darker blue is the dial. For instance, the Aqua Terra watches, with their 150m water-resistance, are offered in a lightly coloured dial, while the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, the big daddy of dive watches at Omega, has an almost black dial. To be even more precise, it’s the diameter of the light blue part of the dial that diminishes with the water-resistance of the watch. Another common features, the markers and hands are filled with a new light blue Super-LumiNova tone, matching the theme of the collection.

2023 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m

2023 Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Summer Blue 75th Anniversary

The back of the watches are adorned with a newly designed logo, which combines greek god Poseidon and his trident, as well as two classic Omega seahorses – one with the historic 1956 design, one with the contemporary look. All of the watches of this Seamaster 75th anniversary collection see their sapphire caseback replaced by a solid steel back.

The Aqua Terra 150m 38mm Summer Blue

The first model in the collection is actually built around the recently-introduced Aqua Terra Shades collection. As such, its 38mm x 12.3mm x 44.9mm stainless steel case comes entirely polished with a matching steel bracelet. The dial, which is executed in a classic sunray-brushed style, is rendered in the lightest variation of the new Summer Blue colour. The gradient effect is very discreet, with the darker effect being limited to the very edges of the dial. The markers on the dial are also different, using the rounded sailboat shape normally found on the 34mm models. Inside the case, hidden under the new caseback with Poseidon medallion, is the in-house automatic calibre 8800 with 55h power reserve and all Master Chronometer features (co-axial, anti-magnetism). CHF 6,000 on rubber, CHF 6,600 on steel bracelet.

The Aqua Terra 150m 41mm Summer Blue

The second watch in the Seamaster 75th collection is the bigger brother to the watch above, with a 41mm diameter. However, this one relies on the classic design of the Aqua Terra collection, with brushed and polished case and bracelet, with flat links. This 41mm x 13.2mm x 47.9mm model relies on the classic teak pattern, which is found on the watches from the regular collection. It is here executed in a light summer blue way, with low gradient effect. As you can see, not only the markers are done in light blue, but so is the date disc. Inside the 150m water-resistant case with closed and engraved caseback is the calibre 8900, with two barrels and 60h power reserve. The watch is Master Chronometer certified, of course, with the anti-magnetic capacities and the co-axial escapement.

This version is offered on steel bracelet or light blue rubber strap with steel link next to the case. CHF 6,200 on rubber, CHF 6,800 on steel bracelet.

The Aqua Terra WorldTimer Summer Blue

The third model in the 75th anniversary Seamaster in Summer Blue collection is based on the large and complex Aqua Terra Worldtimer. Housed in a 43mm x 14.1mm stainless steel case, it is technically identical to the models in the classic collection. What changes is the dial, which combines the new Summer blue gradient colour, the light blue coating on hands and markers with a circle of silvery printed global destinations. Bridging the outer and inner displays, hesalite glass reveals a 24-hour reading with light blue to indicate daytime and dark blue to indicate night. Laser-ablating texture and then colour on a grade 5 titanium plate produced the vision of Earth, which depicts a blue ocean and relief of the continents. The Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8938 powers this 150m water-resistant version, which is available either on a steel bracelet or a blue rubber strap. CHF 9,400 on rubber, CHF 9,600 on steel bracelet.

The Seamaster 300 Summer Blue

We now move to more capable dive watches, with the vintage-inspired Seamaster 300, a watch modeled after the iconic 1957 CK2913 watch. Compared to the classic editions, which have be presented in 2021, only the colors are different. This clean, uncluttered dive watch has a 41mm x 13.9mm x 48mm steel symmetrical case with 300m water-resistance, and a no-date sandwich dial construction. The lower plate of the dial, as well as the classic broad-arrow hands are light blue colored, with the lollipop seconds. Delivered on a steel bracelet, it however has one main difference with the standard models, the bezel insert is here made of blue ceramic, with light blue enamel-coated scale. The dial also has a darker gradient effect than the models above. The drive force is the automatic Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8912, with 2 barrels and 60h power reserve. CHF 7,000.

The Seamaster Diver 300M Summer Blue

An evolution of the classic Bond watch, the emblematic Seamaster Diver 300M for the 75th anniversary collection is technically identical to the classic model here. As such, it is housed in a 42mm x 13.6mm x 49.9mm steel case with classic lyre-shaped lugs, scalloped unidirectional bezel and helium escape valve at 10 o’clock. This 300m professional dive watch retains its asymmetrical design but has been updated with new colors and finishes for the 75th anniversary collection. The solid ceramic dial retains the laser-engraved wave pattern, but is summer blue-toned with a gradient effect and has a sunray-brushed pattern on top too. The blue ceramic bezel, a classic feature, has been enriched with a grand feu enamel 60min scale in light summer blue. The rhodium-plated skeleton hands and markers are largely filled with summer blue Super-LumiNova. Under the Poseidon-engraved back is the automatic Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8800 with 55h power reserve.

This new Seamaster Diver 300M Summer Blue edition is available either on a stainless steel bracelet or a dark blue rubber strap (both identical to what’s available on the classic blue version of this icon). CHF 5,600 on rubber, CHF 5,900 on steel.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m 39.5mm Summer Blue

Now moving to even greater depth, Omega chose the compact version of its Planet Ocean for this Seamaster summer blue collection. This means a 39.5mm x 14.2mm x 45.6mm stainless steel case capable of resisting to 60 ATMs. An already highly-capable dive watch, it is equipped with a helium valve and lyre-shaped lugs. The unidirectional bezel is done here in dark blue ceramic with aa light blue 60min scale. The dial is also ceramic, PVD-treater, finished with a vertically brushed surface, varnished with a gradient finish, and completed with blued hands and indexes filled with a unique light blue Super-LumiNova. Inside the case of this 39.5m Planet Ocean, only available on a steel bracelet, is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800. CHF 7,000.

The Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Summer Blue

An important watch for the history of the Seamaster, the mighty, highly special Ploprof is coming back in the collection… with some major evolutions compared to the previous generation. First of all, the case is entirely different. Dimensions are back to that of the original 1970s Ploprof 600m – 55mm x 45mm – and the case is also back to its monobloc construction, with the movement inserted from the front of the watch. Made of O-MegaSteel (same alloy as the Ultra-Deep), it features the screwed-in crown and the characteristic security pusher at 2 o’clock to lock the bezel. Talking about it, the insert is made of sapphire crystal, to mirror the chemically reinforced monolithic crystal used in those early versions. This transparent crystal, varnished blue on the back, reveals the light blue diving scale beneath. Contrary to early version, however, it features a HEV on the side. The brushed dial is even darker than the watches above, with a no-date display and differently-colored hands to help reading dive times. Inside this 2023 Ploprof is the calibre Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8912. It is worn on a perforated blue rubber strap that completes the 70’s look. CHF 13,500.

The Seamaster Ultra-Deep 6000m Summer Blue

Last but not least is the most capable dive watch of Omega, a model that pays tribute to the achievement of Ultra Deep watches that reached the deepest place on Earth. Following that World Record dive to the Mariana Trench, Omega transformed the technology into an impressive 6,000m collection available to the public. This 45.5mm x 18.1mm x 51.9mm model has a case and bracelet in robust o-MegaSteel with unidirectional bezel in blue ceramic with light summer blue diving scale. It comes with a dial that pays homage to the mysteries of the deep. Its pattern is an exact representation of the Challenger Deep mapped by the Five Deeps team using almost one million sonar points. Its lacquered finish, produced by letting an ocean of lacquer flow across the dial, has a beautiful sense of depth. Shining a UV light reveals the words, OMEGA WAS HERE. This impressive watch, worn on a stainless bracelet, is powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8912. CHF 12,300.

All models, except for the Ploprof (available end 2023), are now available. More details at

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  1. Wow a new blue dual! How stunning! How brave! How lame and boring. How about some true innovation, or a least a design refresh? This is a lazy attempt by a company that can surely do much, much better.

  2. Agree Jay. I think Omega fans would have been much happier had they slimmed down the 300 and the pro and maybe put a thinner bracelet on the pro. They are nice but very lazy for a 75th anniversary, big disappointment.

  3. The ZrO2 on the dials is so dreadful. As for the Ploprof, why would it have a HEV when it has a monobloc case?

  4. They look even more dull when viewed next the standard versions on each collection’s page, or on the NATO strap selector. Well, the art of disappointment

  5. I don’t see how they look more dull. These are just new colors. Obviously, not everyone likes the same color. You probably just don’t like them. The Aqua Terra and Seamaster 300 look nice.

  6. More frothy novelty from Omega. In a range more overbrimming than a fluitje of Grolsch, Omega serves up yet more whimsical foam. There are some nice touches: the dials are ok, the Poseidon engraving just about ok. But what else? Bold new graphics. A new Ploprof is a magnificent thing and a return to the steel monobloc long overdue. But who the hell is going to buy a frothy, powder blue Ploprof???

  7. Hate to be debbie downer – I love the colors, but the more I look at them, the more it seems like legibility took a big hit. I’ve got a whole suite of things I look for when I buy a watch (quality, design language, uniqueness, etc. — but the biggest criteria is legibility).

  8. TO be an ISO certified diver all dive watches that specify that depth rating MUST have a HE Valve, mono bloc case or not.

  9. Some people just enjoy complaining. It’s a hell.of a lot better than Rolex who simply changes the bezel color on the Submariner anniversary model. It’s one thing not to like the color pallet but the stupid “frothy” remark etc is just idiotic.

  10. This same flavor of complaint is endless across all Omega channels. Face it: this is just their style, and that’s fine. Rolex has no problems attracting a massive fan base, and their changes are incredible conservative. On the opposite end, you have brands that reinvent lines to such a degree that the meaning and lineage is lost. I think Omega does a great job being somewhere in the middle.

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