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Baselworld 2018

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M – The Bond Watch is Back

The Bond Watch turns 25 and is back in a modernised, redesigned version with a ceramic dial featuring the well-known wave pattern.

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
Omega Seamaster Diver 300M - Baselworld 2018

The Omega that many people refer to as the Bond watch is the Omega Seamaster Professional, also known as the Seamaster Diver 300M. And it’s back! Not that it was gone or anything, but things had gone a little quiet. The watch that was once lovingly referred to as the Bond watch or the SMP (Seamaster Professional) has been revamped as Omega launches fourteen new models. 

Last year, Omega introduced the Seamaster Diver 300M Commander’s Watch, reminding us of the James Bond connection. That story started in 1995, with Pierce Brosnan wearing the Omega Seamaster in the movie GoldenEye. This specific Seamaster was introduced in 1993, with either a quartz movement or an automatic movement – calibre 1109 upon introduction, but soon changed to calibre 1120, both based on the ETA 2892 – featuring the well-known blue dial with a wave pattern. The automatic model was called the Seamaster Professional (short SMP) and has been in the collection ever since, although in various executions, and on the wrist of James Bond in five movies.

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M (or Seamaster Professional) as seen on the wrist of 007 James Bond.

The most recent versions featured a ceramic bezel insert and dial, but the dial didn’t feature the recognisable wave pattern anymore. With last year’s introduction of the Commander’s Watch, Omega shifted the focus back to the Seamaster 300M and to James Bond. At the time we wondered if this was a hint of what was to come, and whether it was intended as a revitalisation of this collection.

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Omega Seamaster Diver 300M - Baselworld 2018

Today, we can share the good news that the Bond watch is back. Just a little bit different from before, a tad more modern, slightly bigger (at 42mm, so 1mm extra), and with the wave pattern reincorporated on the dial that is more reminiscent of the iconic Bond watch. For Baselworld 2018, Omega is introducing no fewer than fourteen new Seamaster Diver 300M watches.

The new watches are equipped with the Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 movement, of course, anti-magnetic to 15,000 Gauss and tested in the Omega METAS labs. Plus, this will be the first Seamaster Diver 300M with a see-through case back!

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M - Baselworld 2018

The new ceramic dials are polished and come with a laser-engraved wave pattern. They are available in black, blue or a PVD chrome colour. All the applied indexes have been raised and filled with Super-LumiNova and the date window has been moved from the 3 o’clock position to 6 o’clock. The hands also have been reshaped, but they still look a lot like the ones on the original Seamaster Professional. The rotating diving bezel is now made from ceramic with the diving scale in Ceragold or white enamel (both will provide a longer-lasting whiteness and durability).

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M - Baselworld 2018

Of course, the Seamaster Diver 300M is still equipped with the helium escape valve (at the 10 o’clock position), but with a more conical shape. While the older SMP came only on a metal bracelet, now you will have a choice of a metal bracelet or an integrated black or blue rubber strap. The new 2018 Omega Seamaster Diver 300M will still be reasonably priced, and starts at CHF 4,400 – price depending on the chosen reference.

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7 responses

  1. Like the bezel and moving date to 6 with color matched disc – Kudos on that, but the hour hand is all wrong, looks almost like a caricature of original watch, should have keep the rectangular shape. Points also deducted for making the watch thicker.

  2. The wave pattern looks awfully crude in these renderings; I hope it looks better in the metal. And, why oh why make it bigger, just as the retreat to smaller, more wearable sizes is under way. Sorry, these are Nomegas!

  3. I was highly considering the Rio 2016 oOympic edition Seamaster, to have a funny wave motif dial and eye catching bezel numerals which would’ve always had me reminded of my old nineties days, with the fun colorful/loud put-on paraphernalia that was not out of place during my time as a child.

    I’m in for one of these instead if the grey dial one looks good in-person. Hopefully the enamel numerals aren’t TOO contrasting IRL.
    Thickness (alongside the other divulged details) is much appreciated (as is the newsletter subscription 🙂 .
    Antimagnetic is a big plus, as I regularly use CRT monitors and powerful subwoofers beside for sound (NTM a corded ball mouse, too:) .

  4. well done with size 42mm, well done with 8800, but these waves :/ I know that Omega spend a lot of money to try predict selling of new semaster 300m and to research customer expectations but I prefer clean shield
    I have really huge problem with choosing with model will take? a new one or previous?

  5. Does anyone knows if the Chronograph is getting the same design change?

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