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Bond wears Rolex…

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

James Bond is of course the most prestigious actionhero. He’s a man who knows the world, travels to the most gorgeous places, has a good time with the most beautiful women and has unlimited access to luxerious things… cloths, cars and of course watches!

The writer of the James Bond stories, Ian Fleming, said that James Bond couldn’t wear ‘just’ a watch. It had to be a Rolex. I think most watch-a-holics know these photos…

James Bond watch 1

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James Bond watch 2

The first James Bond played by Sean Connery in the movie Dr. No wore a Rolex Submariner, reference 6538. This is the Submariner without date which is famous for it’s big crown. Later, when Roger Moore played James, the trustworthy Q gave him a digital Seiko that could do some amazing things. For me as a watch enthousiast that was like swearing in church, but given the era when digital quartz watches where someting completely innovative I guess I can understand.

When Timothy Dalton became Bond in The Living Daylights, Rolex was back on James’ wrist. But this was only for 2 movies and when Pierce Brosnan became Bond in Goldeneye there was another watch… The Omega Seamaster Professional became the official James Bond watch and Bond still wears this watch. Besides the blue dial version of the Seamaster Professional, Daniel Craig also wore the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean in the movie Casino Royal.

Just recently Daniel Craig was spotted wearing 3 different Rolex wristwatches and Jake wrote 6 excellent articles on his Rolex Watch Blog. I can really recomend this; it’s a great read. Click here to read it.

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