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Seiko Prospex LX Line Limited Edition SNR045

Prospex higher-end diver's watch with a textured green dial.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Seiko Prospex LX line Limited Edition SNR045 Spring Drive

Released in 2019, Seiko’s LX Line is an entirely new collection of watches that represent the best of Prospex in terms of quality and performance as well as innovation with Spring Drive movements. Designed to be used on land, at sea and in the sky, depending on the chosen model, these are true Prospex models, purpose-built timepieces made for action. Today, Seiko releases a limited edition watch based on the diver’s model, with the new Prospex LX Line SNR045.

Seiko Prospex LX line Limited Edition SNR045 Spring Drive

Sharp, robust, high-performing and made to demonstrate Seiko’s savoir-faire in sports watches, the LX Line is the best you’ll find in the Prospex range. In fact, on multiple points, it’s almost on par with what the brand offers in Grand Seiko models. This includes titanium cases with Zaratsu polishing, high-tech materials and the innovative Spring Drive technology. And the design follows the same rules. Indeed, the LX line is the child of Ken Okuyama Design – famous for having designed multiple Ferrari cars, including the Ferrari Enzo, or the first generation of Honda NSX. No doubt about the sportiness of this range of watches.

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Released in three versions, a diver’s watch, a GMT model and a third model with a compass, today the brand releases its first limited edition based on this collection, relying on the existing aquatic reference SNR029 as seen here, with a unique touch of colour and textures to make it a special model.

The new Seiko Prospex LX Line Limited Edition SNR045 is inspired by the Antarctic, specifically the Skarvsnes Foreland, located approximately 55 kilometres from Showa station, a Japanese research station in Antarctica. There, Japanese researchers discovered a mysterious underwater forest of moss pillars covering the bottom of a nearby lake. The unique moss pillars take many centuries to form underwater and were affectionately named “kokebozu,” a Japanese word that combines koke – moss, and bouzu – young boy. This new limited edition brings to life the mystifying scenery of the underwater forest and the moss pillars.

Seiko Prospex LX line Limited Edition SNR045 Spring Drive

The inspiration is easy to understand when looking at the new green dial with a unique texture that recalls the moss pillars. The ceramic bezel with 60-minute diving scale also utilizes this same colour scheme, giving this model a unique character and some boldness. The dial is punctuated by oversized hands – with typical Seiko shape – and applied indexes, all filled with the high-performance Lumibrite material.

The case of this new reference SNR045 is identical to the non-limited version and is made of high-density titanium with a hard-coating – providing lightness and durability. The case is large and robust, with its 44.8mm diameter and angular shapes. There can be no doubts regarding the sports vocation of this model. It is equipped with a sapphire crystal, a unidirectional bezel, a screw-down crown and is water-resistant to 300m. The watch is worn on a titanium bracelet with three-fold clasp with secure lock, push-button release with diving extension.

Seiko Prospex LX line Limited Edition SNR045 Spring Drive

One of the specificities of the LX Line watches is that it is powered by Seiko’s innovative hybrid technology and the SNR045 is no exception. Inside the case is a movement that combines the best of a mechanical self-winding calibre with the precision of a quartz regulating organ, capable of precision ratings of ±1 second per day or ±15 seconds per month. The movement displays the hours, minutes, seconds as well as a date and the remaining level of power (in the present case, 72h when fully wound).

Price and availability

The Seiko Prospex LX line Limited Edition SNR045 is a limited edition of 500 pieces and will be available from boutiques and retailers in August 2020. Being Seiko’s premium sports watch collection, it will be priced at EUR 6,100.

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4 responses

  1. Why do we need to be in the $5k bracket before we get decent bracelets on something? It’s obscene.

  2. Sure, “moss pillars” from Antartica; just another example of Japanese design pilfering from European culture. Perhaps this $10K Seiko should be nick-named “The Bulk” or “The Sulk” so as to divert one’s attention from a certain Rolex model they’re targeting?

  3. My Seiko 5 looks very similar to this model, obviously there’s a lot more refinement and luxurious materials.
    It is still too big on size and wallet for what effectively doesn’t have the GS badge

  4. Dude who cares if it says GS or Seiko. If they use GS movement, and zairautsu polishing and top designer and limited edition, what else do you need? And it’s not like gs is a Rolex either. So only a fool would insist on having to say GS when gs is not even a Rolex. Just chill. This is on pair with rolex submariner ok, if not better. And I guarantee you in 50 years from now this watch will be worth a lot because of quality and being extreme limited “strange” anomaly of Seiko, a line that might not last or exist at that time anymore. A luxury watch from covid area where people struggled to survive financially. It will be something people will want and only maximum 500 people will have them and from those 500 people maybe 20 or so will still be in unused pristine condition then. Imagine the aftermarket value of those. It will be beyond a submariner Rolex today. So look quality not name. Always. But what is undervalued and sell when the rest catch up to it. This definitely based on name recognition and high price for a Seiko is undervalued considering the level of quality

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