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Weekly Watch Photo – Seiko Snow Monster – Thailand Limited Edition

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Seiko Snow Monster - Thailand Limited Edition

We know that you like beautiful photos of beautiful watches and in this case we stumbled across some impressive photos of a Seiko Monster limited edition. This is the so-called Snow Monster; a limited edition of 2555 pieces for Thailand that was introduced in 2011.

Our contributor Evan already showed you several limited editions in his report of the Seiko Sumo gathering, including one photo showing this Snow Monster. As it happens the owner, Ditoy Aguila, makes some pretty impressive photos and I really wanted to share these with you.

Seiko Snow Monster - Thailand Limited Edition

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Seiko Watch Company, in Japan, do not call this model “Monster”. This nickname comes from collectors around the world, who have adopted this name for this model and now-a-days everyone refers to it as “Seiko Monster”. All different dial colors got their own nicknames of course (hey, we can trust the internet community to do this fast and efficiently), so we have an Orange Monster, a Yellow Monster and I once owned a Blue Monster. And there are more…

While Seiko in Japan never refers to any of these models as “Monster”, Seiko Thailand did the opposite. They officially “branded” this model as Snow Monster and even printed this inside the watch boxes and booklets!

Seiko Snow Monster - Thailand Limited Edition

Most Monster models feature a polished case and bracelet, however the Snow Monster has a sandblasted case and bracelet, to mimic the snow flake’s texture. Snow Monster was inspired by winter of northern Japan, with it’s snowy landscapes and bright blue skies.

Another special feature for this model, is the day & date magnifier, which is applied on a sapphire crystal. Normal Monsters feature a mineral crystal and the day & date magnifier is a special feat that can be found on more Thailand Limited Editions.

Huge thanks to Ditoy Aguila for the beautiful photos!

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  1. Wow, I must say Seiko really outdid itself on this one and elevated the humble Monster to new heights. Forget the US, is this even available in Japan?

  2. It looks like Seiko belongs to Illumnati 🙂 On the second picture you can see word MONSTER on the strap turned 180 degree and you can read word SNOW. Its quite interesting.


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