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Weekly Watch Photo – Smoking Seiko Monster

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Our contributor Time2tic has started to experiment with smoke photos and captured his Seiko. Code name: SKX779K. Nickname: Seiko Monster!

The design of this diver watch earned it its nickname. It is my heavy duty dive-it-all watch.

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It features the strongest luminova that I have ever seen. The bezel has an angle towards the glass to prevent scratches on the glass or on the bezel itself. Best of all, it comes with an unbeatable smoothness when rotating the bezel that can’t be found in watches 20 times the price (the monster is in the range of 250 usd or slightly more). In short best value for money diver watch to wear underwater, or anywhere anytime for that matter. It has an excellent and well finished metal strap and contained overall case dimensions (42mm) by today’s standards. It is powered by the Seiko 7S26 automatic caliber with date.

Everytime I put it back on the wrist, the pleasure is intact. For me it remains a smoking hot bargain for a diver watch.

For even a more brutal look, there is an orange dial version. Will you dare to tame the monster?

Editor’s note: The Monster with black and orange dial are non-limited versions. There are limited editions with a yellow dial (Yellow Monster), blue dial (Blue Monster) and several more.  Besides that, there are many ways to customize the seiko and at sales corners of many forums you can find modded versions. 

The photo of the orange monster was borrowed from the website Seikowatchesreview.

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  1. I am sorry but your estimated price of just over 200usd for a seiko monster is very far off the mark. This year saw the introduction of a new look to the Monster line and these ones cost over 400usd. The original look 1st to 4th generation monsters today cost nothing less than 550usd, with most even over the 750usd already. I’m afraid the days of a monster costing what the writer here says is very long gone.

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