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Introducing – Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 and Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Limited Editions

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 and Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Limited Editions

A few days ago, our boss Frank spotted something rather surprising on Instagram, some new, never-seen-before editions of super-cool Seiko Prospex watches, published here by Seiko Watch USA. Well, for most brands, new limited editions won’t be a super-big piece of news. But here, we’re talking about Seiko Prospex and some new editions, especially because it includes the “Turtle” and the “Samurai”, are something that will definitely create some buzz inside collectors’ circles. So, as a preview of what will be showed at Baselworld 2017, here are the Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 and Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Limited Editions.

Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 and Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Limited Editions

As you already guessed, two watches are involved in this new limited series of watches. Just like the brand did with the PADI editions in 2016, we just have here new variations of existing models, namely the super-cool “Turtle” and “Samurai”. While the PADI editions were featuring the usual colors of this diver association, meaning blue and red, the new Blue Lagoon Limited Editions are using mainly shades of blue (inspired by the blue lagoon in case you missed the point).

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Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 Blue Lagoon

This has to be said, the Seiko Prospex Turtle has been one of the most talked watches of 2016, especially in its PADI special edition, which has been named in almost all watch magazines as one of 2016 highlights – including us. And for good reasons. This watch has everything of a cool piece: affordable, vintage-inspired, stamped with the Prospex logo, super good looking, efficient as a dive watch, and fitted with an unbreakable automatic movement. The standard editions were already well received by collectors but the PADI was simply a blast, with its blue dial and pepsi bezel.

Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 Blue Lagoon Limited Edition

Based on this watch is a new limited edition, the Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 Blue Lagoon, this time with a bi-color rotatable bezel, mixing deep blue and light turquoise blue. Indexes and hands are all white and silver and the dial retain the sub-ray pattern that plays a lot with the ambient light. For the rest, we have that same 45mm “turtle” case and steel bracelet and inside the in-house calibre 4R36 with day and date feature. Recommended retail price in Europe is 530 Euro and it should be available in March 2017 (end February may be possible). No word yet about the limitation, but no doubt these will sell like hot cakes.

Specifications of the Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 Blue Lagoon

  • case: 45mm diameter – stainless steel, brushed and polished – Screw Case Back with LIMITED EDITION marking – hardened mineral glass – 200m water resistant
  • movement: Calibre 4R36, in-house – automatic – 3Hz frequency – 41 hours power reserve – time, day and date
  • bracelet: 3-link steel bracelet, Three-fold Clasp with secure lock, Push button release with extender

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon

Apart from this vintage-oriented offer, Seiko has a second watch in the collection, which can be seen as its modern sister, the “Samurai”. Based on the same concept – same base movement, same vocation, same water resistance, same price range – it mainly differs by its modern, angular shape. Don’t get me wrong though, even if the “Turtle” is a stunner, the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon is also a properly good looking piece.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Limited Edition

This Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon is based on the same codes, meaning a blue dial with sun-ray patter, some white and silver indexes and hands and a bi-color bezel, mixing deep blue and turquoise blue (for the first 15 minutes of the diver scale). The steel case, entirely brushed for a more toolish aspect, is here measuring 43.8mm in diameter and the watch features the calibre 4R35, the date only version of this movement. As a Prospex watch, this Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon has all the attributes of a good diver, meaning a luminous dial, some large hands, a suitable rotatable bezel and a 200 water resistance. Recommended retail price in Europe is 480 Euro and it should be available in March 2017 (end February may be possible). No word yet about the limitation.

Specifications of the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB09 Blue Lagoon

  • case: 43.8mm diameter – stainless steel, brushed – Screw Case Back with LIMITED EDITION marking – hardened mineral glass – 200m water resistant
  • movement: Calibre 4R35, in-house – automatic – 3Hz frequency – 41 hours power reserve – time and date
  • bracelet: 3-link steel bracelet, Three-fold Clasp with secure lock, Push button release with extender

15 responses

  1. Hi Brice,
    thanks for sharing the news.
    Blue is actually cool especially on the Turtle…Looking forward to see an orange dial version to stay true to the diving nature of these timepieces.

    Best regards,

  2. Looks great, but, AGAIN the chapter rings (on both watches in the picture)…

  3. As a fan of the Seiko silicone strap on my SRP777, providing the owner with a silicone strap for the SRPB11 is a great move by Seiko. This is now a watch for even more occasions.

  4. Movements have 21600 beats per hour which means 6 beats per second which translates to 6Hz… Not 3

  5. Sorry to contradict. Indeed 21,600 vibrations per hours mean 6 vibrations per seconds but 3 oscillations per second. Which means 3Hz. A 21,600bph movement is 3Hz, just like a 18,000bph movement is 2.5Hz and a 28,800bph movement is 4Hz.

  6. Hi Mr. Goulard, I just want to find out more info about SRPB11 designation. Does the SRPB
    designation to (Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPB11 Blue Lagoon) mean that it was made in Japan. Thank You for the article.

  7. Nice watches, however, I will put my skx007kd up against any one of them.

  8. Just opened my new SRPB11 tonight!!!! Wife special ordered it after seeing me drooling. It is awsome!!!

  9. I have worn and used Seiko divers all my life 173 being my go to, but the turtle I bought for my love of Hawaii and my father who was stationed there for so many years. This watch just gives you that feeling when the light catches it. It lives up to the blue lagoon tag.

  10. i bought it 2 days ago with a cheap price in turkey near 400 usd, however it doesnt come with limited edition box just a normal white seiko box. Watch seems to be orginal but why the box is different i dont know. maybe they are selling to Turkey like this.

  11. bought the SRP777 a few months ago and I love it!! I debated for years whether a self-winder would be a PITA, and it did run down every third morning just wearing it in the house. Then I started wearing it to the gym, and that solved that issue. Gyms and self winders go together. I am SO careful with watches that I have yet to do anything bad to it in the gym. I bought it with the silicon strap, which is glorious compared to the tough old rubber straps that Seiko was trying to go bankrupt using. I promptly ordered three more with three sets of spring bars from the Seiko service center in N.J. ~$135 total for the three. These came and all are perfect. They REALLY know how to package stuff. I have put these away against the day I wreck the strap it came with or it wears out. No wear yet. The SRP is a handsome bastard. If somebody confuses it with a Sub, that will be fine. $300 vs. $10,000. Mine is running about a second per week off, if that. So I got certified chronometer accuracy in a beautiful black dial diver that just looks great for 3% of the price of the Swiss. On the silicon at least, it is not too heavy. It is well balanced and I can wear it for hours with no getting tired of it. I have a bunch of solars, including that orange Seiko diver, but they stop if they don’t get regular light. Wear the SRP777 in the real world, not just in the house, and it will keep running. Seiko out-did themselves with this. They really want to sell watches and stay in business, and they will with this level of quality. Bravo, Seiko! BTW, one can develop a sixth-sense about how to protect a watch while wearing it. I put my left arm across my chest when going through doors, am careful around tile counter tops and car door frames. You can do that. Don’t wear it for yard work or car work. You can develop this protective sense and really protect that little machine on your wrist. And there IS a bio-mechanical joy about wearing an automatic. It was a great idea in the 40’s and it still is. BTW, Hardlex, if it gets a drop of water on it, will develop a little right on the Hardlex, so I am careful to quickly mop any drops that get on it. Weird for a diver watch, I know, but I don’t dive.

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